Family Fit Friday

I remember being a kid and was considered a stick.  As I got older my metabolism slowed and as it did so did I.  I am not one for exercising, but I am also not liking the increasing waistline.  I am sure there are many parents out there that have stopped taking care of their exercise, because you want to fit in family time.  It is not an excuse.  My family has decided we want to exercise together, but in a manner in which I can agree to.  We are exploring different trails in our town and neighboring towns and taking hikes after dinner.  Our favorite trail is about 10 minutes from our house and the best part is that it is completely shaded.  Connecticut has had some very humid weather and my fair skin does not like too much sun.  The time we walk varies each time, depending on the day of the week, but we found that we can enjoy this together and get our exercise on.  Can you find a way to exercise that includes your whole family and is fun?

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