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Do Something for You #MotivationMonday

Feeling snippy? Low on energy? Irritable? 

It's time to take that 15 or 30 minutes for yourself, every day. I know, I know. Where is the time? There's so much to do! 

Drink that cup of coffee. Do a little yoga. Go for a walk. Sprint up and down those stairs. Do something that makes you feel good. 

When so many rely on you, it is easy to forget about yourself in the commotion. The kids are back in school, activities have started, and a vacation may be on the horizon. The daily schedule fills up quickly. But, if you're out of sorts, it trickles down. 

Fill that cup of yours or put on those sneakers and start today. 

You deserve it. 


  1. It is so important to take time for ourselves because we are always doing for others. I am taking some time today to relax and enjoy the day!


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