Counting down to Disney... Disney Challenge Day 23... What Disney movie makes you laugh the most?

My kiddos and I are counting down the days until we leave for Walt Disney World, and thought we could have a little fun with you! Today we are on day 23 of the challenge.... A movie that makes you laugh.

I love, love, LOVE Wreck-It-Ralph. I think it is HILARIOUS!!!

I have so many favorite parts of this movie... it is hard to pick just one.... but if I must pick one.. it is where Ralph and Vanellope meet.

I absolutely love and ADORE Vanellope who is played by Sarah Silverman. She is so funny! Ralph is played by John C. Riley and HYSTERICAL! All the side characters are hilarious as well. Felix, Calhoun, King Candy, everyone. Whenever my kids pick to watch this movie... I stop what I am doing and watch. It's a feel good funny movie over and over and over again! I cannot wait until the 2nd one comes out =)

What is your favorite movie to laugh too? Comment below... The kids and I are loving hearing from you!!!

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