Counting down to Disney.... Disney Challenge day 26... Saddest Disney Death

We are on our final few days of our countdown to Disney and are on day 26 of the Challenge. Unfortunately it's another sad one. There are lots of Disney Deaths... which one do you think is the saddest?

I actually have to close my eyes or fast forward when we watch the Lion King with the death of Mufassa! What a horrible death with Simba watching on! It breaks my heart every single time!

I hate it. It is just absolutely crushing. I remember hating it when I very first watched it... but as a parent, it was 500 times worse.

What do you think the saddest death scene in a Disney movie is? Comment below!


  1. The Lion King, and Bambi are two of the saddest deaths that come to mind. They always make me tear up!

  2. Bambi is awful too! I'm glad you just tear up! I full on ball! Lol.


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