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Counting down to Disney... Disney Challenge day 25.... What is your favorite scene from your favorite movie?

We are in the final stretch of counting down to our Disney World vacation! Along the way my kids and I have been having a blast with you doing this Disney Challenge. Today we are on day 25. What is your favorite scene of your favorite movie?

I absolutely LOVE the movie Tangled. While it was a tough call between The Little Mermaid and Tangled... Tangled wins as my most favorite Disney movie so far in life.

From that movie, I have a lot of favorite parts... but my most favorite is the flying lantern scene. Goosebumps every single time!!


This is so much so my most favorite scene that the last time we went to Disney World... they had recently built bathrooms from Tangled. Yes.. you read that correctly... BATHROOMS... and I wanted to hang out there ALL DAY! It was so beautiful!

I got goosebumps just walking into that area. I don't care that it's a bathroom... its BEAUTIFUL! LOL!!!

What is your favorite scene in your favorite Disney Movie? Comment below... we are loving hearing from you!!!

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