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Comfort Your Teething Baby with Star Teether Balls from BabyNow

Thank you to Babynow for providing me with product, free of charge, in exchange for my honest review. All thoughts and opinions shared are my own.

From about three months of age, Baby S has been drooling up a storm. My son also started teething around this age, and wanted to chew on everything he could get his little hands on. My dad lovingly names him 'Chomps' during that time. Teething is no fun for poor baby or for the parents. We have tried all sorts of teethers, trying to comfort S and soothe her aching gums. Nothing really seemed to work, and we're not into medicating her unless she has a fever or is in absolute pain. When I was introduced to the Star Teethers from BabyNow, I was interested to see if S would like them, and if they would offer her any relief.

BabyNow US

Every new parent wants to find the right baby products to solve a particular issue you may have and to give you peace of mind. Well at Babynow they are there to help you.

All of the Babynow products are designed with your new baby in mind. Babynow personally guarantees that whattheye sell is

A Quality product
Safe for you to use & Maintain
Backed up by a Lifetime Guarantee (Terms Apply)
5 Star Customer Service

We received the Star Teether Balls from Babynow.

I loved the box that the star teether balls arrived in. They looked like a very nice gift set, one that I would be proud to purchase and gift to a friend or family member. Most teethers I have purchased in the past are packaged very differently- cheaply, to be honest. This was truly a nice set, in a lovely package.

The Star Teether Balls Set came with little cards.

With the teether set came a thank you card, a discount coupon to use on a future order, and a user guide. I always read through the user guides for any products that I review or purchase. I like to know how best to store them, clean them, etc.

Check out this colorful teether ball duo!

The teether balls really do look like little star toys.

At first glance, I thought that the teether balls sort of looked like puppy toys. My dog had similar chew toys when I was growing up. As I examined the teethers, I noticed all of the 'points' and the little nubby raised bumps or swirling lines on them. The teethers are also rattles. Each teether has a little jingle bell on the inside, so it jingles when you shake it. I didn't know if S would like these, or would be interested in them. My main concern was that they seemed a little heavy, and since she was only just starting to pick things up by herself, I was worried that she would drop it on her head. I knew that I had to let her try it out, though, so I put on a brave face, and let her take it from my hand, while she was laying on her play mat.

Baby S, trying to figure out her new toy!

S had no trouble at all grasping the Star Teether. Since it has so many points, she was able to pick it up and grasp it with ease. Once the toy found her mouth, she immediately being to gum it. She loves chewing on this teether. She has tons of toys to chew on, and these star teether balls are her absolute favorite. Since there are two balls, I keep one to play with at home, and I keep one in the diaper bag. She is always a happy girl if she has one of these toys to chew on.

Baby S, chewing away on her favorite Star Teether toy from Babynow.

When S' gums are hurting, I turn to these teether balls. The textured points on the star offer pain relief that really works for her. These toys keep S happy, and in turn, keep mommy and daddy happy, too! I wish that we'd had these when our son was teething 5+ years ago!

Babynow TEETHER BALL with Music Bell Rattle Inside - Multi-Colored Toy Set Made from Medical Grade Silicone Soothes Little Gums while Relieving Pain - 2 PACK

SECRET MUSICAL BELL - Babies will love the sweet ringing sound of the brass bell hidden inside the sensory ball while captivating little minds and stimulating multiple senses with bright and attentive colors
STIMULATE COGNITIVE SKILLS in precious baby development through VISION TOUCH and SOUND stimulation with patent pending MODERN 3 dimensional design
BPA FREE + FREEZER SAFE: The unique star ball design and texture for chewing, gnawing, touching, playing to MINIMIZE PAIN from teething while promoting INFANT WELL BEING
SAVE PARENTS TIME: Innovative design will attract baby's attention for hours of enjoyment while promoting positive MOOD and distraction for your child as a bouncing ball, teether, rattle and sensory play toy
PERFECT BABY SHOWER GIFT: Includes 2 with different colors appropriate to WOW any boy, girl or twins - Buy BABYNOW Products with confidence as shown in high ratings on Amazon.com.

Babynow has other great products that would make fabulous gifts!

BPA Free Baby Feeding Spoons With Natural Bamboo Handle
Baby feeding spoons

Baby Teether 4 Color Pack BPA Free
Teething rings

Gift bundle

Baby Thermometer Non Contact Design Infra Red Lifetime Guarantee
Baby thermometer

Any of these products from Babynow would make a wonderful baby shower gift. If you're looking for teethers for your precious baby (like I was), check these out! They are a 3-in-one teether, rattle and toy, and you can't beat the price for the two-pack!

Want them? Get them!

Head on over to Babynow to check out all of their amazing baby products! You can purchase the Star Teether Balls on Amazon. Connect with Babynow on Facebook and Pinterest.

Special thanks to Babynow for allowing me to review and share about their wonderful teethers!

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