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I have a few different passions in my life. One of them is obviously writing. My greatest joy and passion, however, is worship. I live and breathe to worship God. Worship is a huge part of my life- on Sundays mornings, as I serve on the praise and worship team as an assisting worship leader, as well as part of my daily life. Since Baby S was born, I have had less time to focus on myself, and my worship life has slightly suffered a bit. My attention is 100% on my children, and though I love them with every part of my being and beyond, motherhood can be somewhat draining.

My spiritual life needed a bit of a revival, so I was very excited to learn about Worthy Inspired Books. Worthy Inspired offers a lovely collection of Christian books. As I browsed their latest releases, I was tickled and excited to see a few books that really spoke to my heart. I noticed two Coloring Book Devotionals by Lisa Bogart, and an inspirational book, as well. I love to color, and haven't really bought into the whole adult coloring book craze, because I simply haven't had the time. When I came upon the Coloring Book Devotionals by Lisa Bogart, my heart was so happy, because they combined my love for coloring with my love for worship and personal time for devotions.

The Drawn to Worship Coloring Book Devotional

This book is a beautiful collection of devotions and coloring pages. I love flipping through the book and being greeted by familiar text from hymns that I have sung in my own church. Worship is so important to me- personal, and corporate. I don't get to spend as much time in personal worship as I used to, so when Baby S is asleep, I steal a few minutes to read through a devotion, and work on coloring the corresponding page. I make a little prayer note here and there as I color, or spend personal time in prayer. This is my quiet time with God, and it restores my soul. It's been a huge blessing in my life, at a time when I have felt a little less connected than before.

The devotions are easy to read, and are so inspiring. I love to spend time in God's word, and this is the perfect way for me to do that during this stressful and busy season of life as a mom.

Words from one of my favorite communion hymns!

Worship is life- I love this page!

Drawn from the Heart Coloring and Devotional Book.

Drawn from the Heart is also a collection of devotions and coloring pages, and is very inspirational. As a work at home mom, it's so easy for me to fall into the trap of believing that I am somehow 'less than' someone else. I am constantly comparing myself to other moms, and it literally drives me mad sometimes. I know that this isn't what God wants for me- that this is a time for me to be mom, and to let my family be my priority and focus. This book is gently guiding me through a sort of healing process, as I have been really hard on myself over the past several months.

Love this coloring page!

A reminder to be kind to others.

Finding joy!

These devotions and the coloring pages that go along with them are so uplifting. They are reminding me that there is so much more to my life that any one piece. I am a masterpiece, created by God, the Creator, and I was made in His image. I am finding time to relax and enjoy things again. I am learning once more that making God central in my life is of utmost importance, and when I am able to do this, everything else just flows beautifully. After all, God is a good, good Father- always providing for us and taking care of our needs.

You can find out more about Lisa Bogart on her website.

Love and Care for the One and Only You- a perfect collection of inspirational stories!

I don't have a lot of time to spend in personal devotions anymore, but I do try to steal a few minutes each morning or afternoon. Diving into inspirational stories and words really lift my heart. I love my life and my children, but sometimes being a mom can have its dark moments. It's lonely, it's hard, and nothing quite prepares you for life with kids before you have them.

Working on Testimony, my favorite chapter!

These little snippets have already taught me to take time to slow down and enjoy the life that I have worked to build with my husband. It doesn't always look like we imagined it, but the pieces that do are certainly the most beautiful. Taking a little bit of time out for myself is important- it's always important to take care of yourself, especially when you have so many others who depend on you. Each one of us is as unique as God intended us to be, and this is such a special reminder!

What if we valued and cared for ourselves the way one does a masterpiece sculpted by a master artist? Each of us is a unique creation crafted by the ultimate Artist. When we realize that, how can we help but love and care for the body, mind, and heart God has given us? Weekly encouragements along with practical tips and suggestions will help you love and care for yourself as your Creator intended.

These inspiring books would make wonderful gifts for anyone who could use a little spiritual lift. Be sure to remember them when you're doing your holiday shopping, as well!

Want them? Get them!

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Special thanks to Worthy Inspired for allowing me to review and share about these wonderful titles.

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