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1 pair of adorable shoes purchased = 1 school kit for a child in need! UIN Kids Shoes #Review #Giveaway

 Their Story!!

Amine is the founder of UIN Shoes. From a very young age my daughter Sarah had an innate desire to express herself through unique paintings. One day we were watching news footage about traumatized refugee youth in Africa and despite schools being free for them; numerous families couldn’t afford to provide school/art suppliers to their children and consequently opportunities to thriving at school were lessened.
Being able to contribute at our own humble level to this cause is an additional motivation in our entrepreneurial adventure.
As soon as I explained to Sarah the challenge these kids were facing, she brought her painting and says: “Daddy let’s sale my paintings and with the money we make we can buy school/art supplies and help the children” It’s at that instant that a light popped and encouraged us to do some research and realize there were millions of children around the world with such a strong, indestructible spirits that deserved better! Ultimately my daughter’s idea wasn’t a bad idea after all!

                 WHY SHOES COMPANY?

We believe that whatever road in life we hope for our children, it’s always a little easier in a colorful pair of shoes! So, we asked ourselves, what if we start a shoe company and every time we sell a shoe, we give a special school supply to a needy child and that way as long as we keep selling shoes, these kids will have school/art supplies for their lives.


UIN means “You’re in.” Once you purchase a pair of UIN kid’s shoes, we consider you as part of our community: Add a COLOR to the world for kids! And a school kit for a child in need will be given on your behalf! It’s that simple! 

We created UIN to make colorful and artful shoes for kids to spark learning and creativity encourage them to stand out, to change their perspective, and to drive hope with new ideas to create a positive impact on our world. Not only did we want to perk up art with our kid’s shoes, but we wanted to help with an awesome cause.


Every child has the potential to be extraordinary when given the opportunity to help.

As a mom to three kiddos as well as someone who works in the Public School System, I LOVED what UIN stood for when i first read about them! Then to look at their website and check out all the shoes... OH MY ADORABLE!!!! I could not wait to get our UIN package!!

We were excited as soon as we opened the box!

And look how cute when you open the shoe box!!!

Oh the CUTENESS!!!! My daughter flipped when she opened her box! I mean really, how cute are these?!?

She LOVES them!!!!

Then here is my son with his on! He was SO excited that he got a pair too! He was like "Whoa! it's cute shoes for boys!!" =)

He wants to wear his EVERY DAY!!!! He absolutely loves them! Every morning when he is getting in the shower, he yells "Don't forget, I'm wearing my airplane shoes today!!"

Both kiddos said they are super comfy and love the easy on/off! They are very lightweight. My son swears they make him run faster! Hehehehe! They run true to size and are VERY easy to wipe clean! The shoes come in toddlers size 6 to 10 and kids size 11 to 2.5. Check out UIN Kids website for styles and sizing available!

There are SO many cute styles!

Paper Plane

Wings of Hope for Africa has been active for many years to improve access to schools for children in Burundi, and the NGO has a good understanding of local contexts and needs.
Despite schools being free, numerous households cannot afford to provide school and art suppliers to their children. The capacity for these children to study, have some art fun and thrive at school is lessened. 


  1. https://www.uinshoes.com/products/dinosaur?variant=21087660673

  2. The pac man shoes are my favorite! so cute!!

  3. My son would just be crazy for the planes print.

  4. I really like the cute prints and the ease of putting on.

  5. I love the pac man shoes my nephew would love them too

  6. I like the Cute Girl ones for girls and the Pac Man ones for boys, both are super cute!

  7. I like the cute designs and color combinations!

  8. I like the Pac-Man ones.

  9. In reading your review, I like that they are easy to wipe clean!

  10. Another thing I like is that the company gives back to a child in need for every pair purchased....


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