Wild Kratts "Wild Reptiles" DVD Available August 23rd!!! #Review

The popular WILD KRATTS series has new DVD called “WILD REPTILES which will be released August 23rd.

My boy LOVES Wild Kratts, so I could not wait for him to open this!!

When Martin and Chris Kratt find themselves in a jam, they turn to wild reptiles to help them save the day! Reptiles have some seriously amazing adaptations and incredibly awesome creature features. Learn about the gecko’s ability to climb walls as the Kratt Brothers try to foil Zach Varmitech’s attempt to steal their Miniaturizer. And uncover some fascinating facts about rattlesnakes as Martin and Chris search for a new supply of crystals in the Sonoran Desert to power the Tortuga. Nothing’s better than exploring natural habitats with the Wild Kratts and learning about the incredible “creature powers” of the animals they meet!

The Gecko Effect
There’s a mystery to be solved, as the Wild Kratts team wonders how a gecko lizard climbs up smooth surfaces and can even climb upside down. The gang uses their Miniaturizer to shrink down and discovers it’s all about physics: all objects have electrical charges that attract one another and the gecko’s marvelous toe pad structure charges so much that they can walk on surfaces as smooth as glass. But in the meantime, Zach has stolen their Miniaturizer and imprisoned them in a glass terrarium. Martin and Chris activate the new gecko powers of their Creature Power Suits and must retrieve the Miniaturizer before Zach shrinks all the animals in the creature world.

Crocogator Contest
A pop creature quiz challenge about the differences between crocodiles and alligators turns into a full-blown “crocogator” contest to find out what actually is different about these two similar creatures.

Rattlesnake Crystal
After the Tortuga crash lands in the Sonoran Desert, Koki discovers that the Tellurium crystals have run out of power and they need a new supply. Martin and Chris volunteer to go out into the desert to find this important source of energy and discover more than they were expecting!

Chameleons on Target
Aviva’s special ring chip invention is stolen by a mysterious lemur! Chris and Martin set off after it, with a little help from the amazing creature powers of the chameleon.

There is also a cute little coloring fact book included inside the DVD.
Master B LOVES this movie! He is currently obsessed with reptiles, so this was right up his alley! I love that he loves it because it is fun... I love it because it is SO educational. He was rattling off facts about snakes all day long! He actually watched this DVD twice yesterday when he opened it... and woke up this morning ready to watch it again!!

Check it out!!WILD REPTILES will be available on DVD August 23, 2016. The DVD run time is approximately 120 minutes and its SRP is $12.99.

WANT IT?!?! BUY IT!!!!!

Wild Kratts "Wild Reptiles" will be available at all major retailers in store and online!
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