Toddler Time: Our Summer Vacation

Hold up! This month, we're taking a break from the Fab5 to tell you all about our toddler-ific summer. Mr. G recently headed off for his first morning of "preschool" and I thought it the perfect time to share a little of our busy summer with you! What were your favorite toddler adventures over the last few months? So, what have we been up to this summer (and maybe some ideas for you!).

Amusement Parks, Nature Museums, Aquariums, and Summer Camp

Mr. G had the best time at some our favorite attractions. Before it got toooooo hot, we took a Day Out with Thomas, and then a lot of our visits moved indoors with the heat. Fun times at the Concord Mills Carousel, Latta Preserve Nature Center, The NC Aquarium at Fort Fisher, and Discovery Place KIDS Summer Camp.
Fun Adventures

Libraries, Parks, Movie Theaters, Soccer, and Parties!

Charlotte boasts one of the best kid libraries in the country, and ImaginOn is currently hosting a Mr. Potato Head exhibit. We explored parks everywhere we went, as shade allowed, and even the Denver splash park in the heat! Our neighborhood also hosted a Soccer Shots week-long camp for toddlers. 

Celebrations and Explorations

Water, Water Everywhere!

As summer progressed, Mr. G gained more and more confidence in the water. We played in pools, puddles, mountain rivers & cricks, freshwater kettle ponds, Cape Cod bay, and the southern Atlantic ocean to name a few. 


Fun with Food

From picking blueberries at the grandparents, to making muffins with mom, and shucking corn with dad, we explored lots of food-related skills. And had lots of picnics!


Travel by foot, plane, car, and rail. 

Whether taking a walk on the beaches of NC, driving around, flying to Massachusetts, or riding the rails of the Wild West at Tweetsie Railroad, we had lots of day trips and overnight adventures to add to the scrapbook this summer.

Are we there yet?


And when the 95+ degree weather forced us inside, we got the wiggles out at our local toddler gyms. I personally think Mr. G is training for the 2028 Olympics.

Practice makes perfect


Got our first haircut...the pictures say it all!

Big boy!

And here we are, at the end of summer! We had a little practice session holding the sign before the big day, please ignore the messy kitchen counters. :)

Ready or not!
I'll be back next month with some spooktacular ideas for a Fab5 October.

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