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Planning Your Engagement Party

Planning your engagement party can be as important as planning the wedding. You need to plan a guest list, choose a venue, etc. We’ve come up with a list of all the things you need to remember when organizing the party.

Get ready to show off your ring

Everyone will want to see the Diamond engagement ring, and you’ll want to make sure your hands are looking their best. Why not treat yourself to a manicure to ensure your hands are in tip-top condition for the party? That way you’ll feel confident, and the ring will stand out even more.

Plan the guest list carefully

It’s tempting to invite everyone you know to the engagement party, but sometimes it’s better saving the big party for the wedding day. Stick to close friends and family and create a party that feels special to your and your other half. That way you save more money towards having a fabulous wedding day.

Send out the invites

Make sure you leave as much time as possible, so people can plan ahead. You could have some fun making your own invitations for a more personal touch, or if you’re not that creative, then you can pick up some beautiful invitations online that you can handwrite in. It is also a lovely keepsake for the guests and ensures they won’t forget to turn up.

Choose the right venue

You want to choose somewhere that means something to you and your new fiancĂ©. Maybe it will be your favorite restaurant or bar, just call them in advance to make sure they can fit you all in. You could opt for a celebratory meal or see if they have a function room for a more relaxed party. 

Let someone else plan it for you

If you feel like it’s all too much for you, then let someone else plan it for you. Maybe your parents or a friend would be a great alternative to the stress of trying to plan it yourself. Just give them some pointers and then let them sort the rest.

Think about a gift registry

This is usually saved for the wedding, but you can always create a gift registry for your engagement party, especially if it coincides with a house move or another big life event. You could also consider asking for donations to a favorite charity rather than people bringing gifts for you.

Whatever you choose to do, remember that this is the dress rehearsal for the main event - the wedding. This is a great time to get ahead of the game and start planning for the rest of your lives together, and also gives you an idea of the people who you will want at your wedding. Be prepared to answer questions about setting a date for your wedding if you haven’t already done so, and expect lots of well-meaning advice from older relatives. Some of it might actually come in useful.  And remember to enjoy your party and get flashing that ring to everyone!

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