Our First Away From Home Summer Camp Experience!

Aiden has been at his first away from home summer camp this week.  He was both excited and nervous leading up to camp.  An older friend had told him to watch for bears and that is all he could talk about.  He went to camp with two great friends and that was very exciting for him.  Our family loves Lutheridge. It's in the mountains of NC,  about 3 hours from our house.  My mother and her sisters went to Lutheridge growing up and then my mother was a camp counselor when she was in college.   I went to Lutheridge when I was growing up.  And now our church has a church wide retreat there every 2 years that we attend.  So, Lutheridge is near and dear to us.  I was so excited that Aiden wanted to go to a summer camp there.  They have a wonderful First Camp, that is only half a week for first time campers.  We signed him up for that one and he immediately decided he wanted to stay the whole week,  But we stuck with First Camp so he could get the summer camp experience but be able to come home after a few days, just in case he got homesick.  This experience was definitely harder on me than him.  We picked him up yesterday and he had a great time!!  He has had so many camp stories.  He was dirty and tired and only lost one towel.  We have already pre registered for next year and he is talking about it and looking forward to next summer.  I would say this was a successful experience...for Aiden and Mommy!!

Ready for drop off

Checking out the cabin...it's the same one we stay in when we go with our church

Love the lake

His group

I hope everyone has a Happy Thursday!!

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