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I love my beautiful little family. My son is five- going on six. My husband and I always wanted two children, and due to some of life's circumstances, we had to wait longer than we'd planned on to have our second. Baby S is growing like a weed, and is already four months old. We found ourselves out of the baby game for several years, and though we were ready to jump back in, we knew that there were some things we'd have to brush up on- diapering skills being one of them! Though we didn't forget how to change diapers, a lot about diapering products has changed through the years.

We were excited to be introduced to WaterWipes, a chemical-free water based wipe that's safe and natural for baby's skin. We suffered through a lot of skin irritation with our son when he was a baby. His skin was so sensitive that he was prone to rashes, and we didn't want to relive some of those experiences with Baby S. Figuring that natural was the way to go when it came to baby products, we were intrigued by WaterWipes, which contain 99.9% Irish water, and 1% grapefruit extract.

We visited our favorite Babies R Us store to purchase a couple of packs of WaterWipes. We love frequenting Babies R Us to see what's new in baby products. They always have the most current products at great prices, plus- it's a fun environment to test out products. The WaterWipes were easy to find- located on the aisle with diapers, wipes, and diapering accessories. I couldn't believe the low price on the WaterWipes. I figured that a natural baby product would wind up costing a whole lot more than these wipes actually did.

Once we made our purchase of the WaterWipes, I was eager to get them home and put them to use. I wanted to test out how well they would stand up against the messiest afternoon diaper change. I didn't even have to wait until we were home to try out the WaterWipes. My son had a sticky snack in the car on the drive home, and his hands became very messy, as well as his face. I gladly offered him one of the WaterWipes to clean up with. I felt comfortable doing this, knowing that the wipes are made of almost all water. I never would have given my child a baby wipe to use elsewhere on their skin... you never know what kind of reaction they might have from the ingredients in the wipes. Clean up was a breeze, and B felt nice and clean afterward. The wipe proved to be very durable on my tough kiddo's trial run.

The true test came at home. We made it to the changing table and put the WaterWipes through quite the ringer. Baby S had a very messy diaper, and I was sure that I'd have to use half of the pack of wipes to get her cleaned up. Thankfully, I only needed two WaterWipes to get the job done! The wipes held up to one of the messiest jobs I know with no tearing or leaking. The wipes also left S' baby skin feeling soft and extra clean.

I love WaterWipes. I can trust them to aid me in cleaning up a yucky diaper mess, and don't have to immediately stick S in the bath if it gets a little out of hand. Because the WaterWipes are made up of pure water, I can use them anywhere on her body. This is so helpful when we experience blow-outs in the car seat. I can wipe S down, and feel that she is really clean. I can also wipe down the car seat, without worrying whether or not the chemicals in the wipes will discolor the cushion on the seat... because there are no chemicals!

I keep a pack of WaterWipes at the changing table, in the diaper bag, and in our car. I love having them at our disposal for quick clean-ups, the unexpected clean-ups, and for incidentals. They're even great to freshen up with on a super hot day! I even like to include a pack of WaterWipes with baby shower gifts, so I can introduce the mom-to-be to this wonderful product. Every mom deserves the opportunity to choose and use the safest possible products on their precious babies.

Want them? Get them!

Head on over to WaterWipes to learn more about their wonderful wipes! Look for WaterWipes in store and online at Babies R Us. Connect with WaterWipes on Facebook & Twitter.

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