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Get Ready for back to school with School Zone workbooks and flashcards! #Review

I cannot believe school is right around the corner!!! This summer just flew past!

School Zone Publishing Company has served as the leaders in early education resources for the last 36 years. In fact, you may have used their flagship workbooks and flash cards when you were younger! To make learning fun for your children, School Zone has released a whole new set of workbooks and flash card sets, including: Little Thinkers; Spelling Puzzles; Beginning Reading; Time, Money & Fractions; and Addition 0-12. These colorful and interactive books improve your child's skills in math, logic, reading, vocabulary and phonics while allowing them to keep using their crayons!

Help boost your child’s reading and spelling skills. Understanding the connection between letters and sounds is key to unlocking other word skills, and this great duo offers hours of playful practice. The 32-page Beginning Phonics workbook from the I Know It!® series, was developed by teachers to support spelling, writing, and reading goals for first and second graders. It introduces short and long vowels using picture-naming and word-completion activities and includes riddles and puzzles to make it fun. Learning new words helps both comprehension and self-expression. The 32-page Beginning Reading Deluxe Edition workbook from the same series, helps kids learn how to put together sounds and letters to make words and then how to place them in sequences to identify and make sentences. Clear, easy instructions and engaging, colorful illustrations help sustain focus. Plus, the slim size of both workbooks make them ideal for packing into totes, backpacks and luggage.

Fun Features & Big Benefits

  • Golden Scholar Club redemption codes
  • 2 32-page workbooks
  • Parent Guide and Recommended Activities pages
  • Simple, easy-to-follow workbook puzzles and word games
  • Engaging, colorful illustrations
Skills: spelling; picture words; long & short vowels; consonants; blends; combination sounds; same sounds; different sounds; letter combinations; contractions; compound words; plural endings; prefixes and suffixes

Time, Money & Fractions 1-2 Workbook Description
What time is it? How much does that toy cost? Can you divide that pie in half? Learning about time, money, and fractions can be challenging for many children, but these skills are essential for everyday living. These tough-to-learn concepts form a foundation for higher-level math and all-around school success. This workbook presents the math concepts and skills typically taught in grades 1 and 2. With detailed instructions and clear examples, Time, Money & Fractions will build your first or second grader’s confidence and understanding. The slim size is great for packing into totes, backpacks and luggage.

Fun Features & Big Benefits

  • Golden Scholar Club redemption code
  • Parent Guide inside front cover
  • Activities to Share inside back cover
  • 30 pages of learning activities
  • Easy-reference Answer Key
  • Convenient, take-anywhere size
Skills: fractions; adding money; counting coins; telling time; identifying equal parts

Little Thinkers First Grade Deluxe Edition Workbook Description
Give your first grader an edge in essential skills and critical thinking! Dozens of quick, fun, and creative learning activities encourage looking—and thinking—carefully. Little Thinkers® have to compare, evaluate, and imagine. This 64-page workbook takes the basics, and with a whimsical twist, turns them into challenging adventures! A few examples: Sequence three images with what happens first, second, and third. Circle the clown that is taller. Count coins to determine if you have enough money for a toy that is $0.55. These strategic activities sharpen multiple skills fast! Slip this workbook into backpack or tote bag as a super take-along for travel and appointments.

Fun Features & Big Benefits

  • 64 workbook pages
  • Dozens of activities
  • Easy directions
  • Lively illustrations
  • Affordable learning!
Skills: math; logic; reading; vocabulary; sequencing; problem solving; true or false; skip counting; counting money; beginning sounds; vowel sounds; same or different; punctuation; greater than; less than; patterns; measuring; coins; shapes; vowels; addition; word patterns; sizes; shapes telling time; opposites; compare and contrast; spelling; rhyming; verbs; critical thinking; perception; imagination; following directions

Spelling Puzzles 1 Workbook Description
Good spelling starts here! This workbook, Spelling Puzzles 1, from the I Know It!® series, focuses on letter sounds and spelling patterns that first graders need to practice most. Fun puzzles reinforce word recognition, pronunciation, and correct spelling. Help your child become a confident speller and beginning reader with Spelling Puzzles 1.

Fun Features & Big Benefits

  • Parent Guide inside front cover
  • Easy-reference Answer Key
  • Activities to Share inside back cover
  • Review activities that test learning
  • Part of sequential workbook series
  • Easy-reference Answer Key
  • Affordable learning
Skills: vowel sounds; long vowels; short vowels; consonants; rhyming; beginning sounds; ending sounds

Addition 0-12 Flash Cards Description
Does your child need a boost in math skills? Does he or she still find addition confusing? Our addition flash cards will help your first or second grader learn basic addition - big, bold numbers on the flash cards are easy to read, bright colors to keep children interested, and answers are on the back side of every math flash card. Your child can use these flash cards independently or with a buddy. It's also a great way for parents to turn learning addition and math into a fun family activity!

Fun Features & Big Benefits

  • Access code for Golden Scholar Club free online gift
  • 55 double-sided cards featuring problems 0 + 0 to 12 + 12
  • Numbers written in bold, block-style
  • Answers on the opposite side of each card
  • Thick, glossy cardstock
  • Rounded corners for easy sorting
  • Includes a Parent Card with tips and instructions
  • A great value!
Skills: addition; counting; numbers 0-12; eye-hand coordination

These workbooks and flash cards are GREAT for extra practice at home! Kids can loose SO much information that they worked so hard on all school year long over the summer if you don't keep them fresh and practicing! A sheet a day out of these books and a quick flip through the flashcards is quick and simple. And so much fun, they will hardly know they are learning!

My oldest daughter LOVES to take these books and "Play School" with her brother and sister, which is PERFECT! She feels like she is a teacher with these awesome books, and they spend hours learning, and don't even realize it!

WANT IT?!? BUY IT!!!!!

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