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Fairy Dreams can come true with Dreamland's Fairy House Kit #Review #giveaway

Indulge your child’s creativity with a DIY project from Dreamland Fairy. Boys and girls can paint a little fairy house that can sit by their bed. The concept is imaginative and adorable. I could not wait for Princess MK to open this... I knew she would love it!

The Fairy House is ackaged with a storybook, as it was inspired by two 6-year-olds who asked their moms, Cassie Slane and Ami Van Dine, where fairies lived. It took a few years but these savvy businesswomen – who boast five young children between them -- became the newest mompreneurs to a new generation of dreamers. Their first house, the Dreamland Fairy Kit is an 8-inch-tall, peaked-roof wooden home that arrives unpainted. Inside the kit are the story book, paint, brush, decorations and … a packet of glittery fairy dust, for their owners to personalize their magical fairy home.

Look at everything that came in that adorable box!!!!! A super cute story, the house, the paint, a paint brush, and fairy dust (aka-glitter)! We also got the adorable little doll that fits right inside the house.

The wooden house comes unpainted and is ADORABLE!

The front doors open!

And this little flower slides from side to side to open a little moon roof for your fairy to fly in and out ;)

Included is a super cute book which has beautiful illustrations as well as an adorable story!

MK couldn't wait to start this project!!! I let her do it 100% on her own!

Dreamland Fairy Inspires Imagination
While a Tooth Fairy might visit a few times a year if a fallen tooth is tucked under a pillow, a Dreamland Fairy flies from Fairyland into the house while a child is sleeping on any given night. According to the accompanying book, in Fairyland, fairies tell stories to each other, but one night they run out of stories to tell. That is when one of the fairies has the idea to fly close to human children as they sleep, to listen to their dreams.

The DIY fairy house has a special secret flower door on top that lures the fairy in at night and by morning, if the front doors are open (hint hint mom) then the fairy came to listen to their dreams.  

She is SO PROUD of her creation!!!! She read the story several times and has kept the little fairy house on her headboard. She took the house over to my parents and told them with such excitement and detail all about how fairies come to it while she sleeps! It was ADORABLE to hear her tell them the story <3

Also available is this ADORABLE ToothFairy Fort

There’s a twist with the Dreamland Tooth Fairy Fort. Instead of a fairy having to search under a lumpy pillow and heavy head in the dark of night, kids place their fallen tooth inside a treasure chest in the fort.  The fairies can safely hide inside their fort until a tooth in the chest is ready to be retrieved. When kids awake, the tooth is gone and replaced with a treat.

I absolutely LOVE our fairy house! I also LOVE the idea of the Tooth Fairy Fort! I love anything that sparks their imagination and allows them to create! She not only had  blast with painting and fairy dusting the house.... but it brought a whole other scenario into her life of having a fairy that protects her and listens to her dreams!

WANT IT?!?! WIN IT!!!!!

WANT IT?!? BUY IT!!!!!

Dreamland Fairy is available

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  1. Yes, I did! The toothfairy fort looks super cute!
    Thank You for the chance

    Fiona N

  2. I think she would name her Ariel.

  3. I think my niece would name her something related to pink or glitter

  4. I think she would name her Polly!

  5. My daughter would name here Sunshine for she loves to see the sun shining.

  6. I love the Toothfairy fort. These are so cute.

  7. My daughter said she would name the fairy Abigail.

  8. I love the tooth fair fort, it's so cute and such a unique idea.


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