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Don't Sweat the Spit-Up: Petite Namaste

Thank you to Petite Namaste for providing me with product, free of charge, in  exchange for my honest review. All thoughts and opinions shared are my own.

I can't believe how quickly my baby girl is growing. She's just shy of four months, and is so much fun. This is probably my favorite age of babies- they can do a few things on their own, but still rely on mommy a whole lot. They also start to develop their personalities, and this is when the major drooling starts! The drool isn't so fun to deal with. Drool can lead to soaking wet clothing, and wet clothing against baby skin can cause some pretty serious rashes. S has already had a rash or two, so we've started having to put bibs on her during the day.

Petite Namaste

Petite Namaste was established in 2013 with the goal of creating beautiful hand block printed products for kids. Co-founder and Creative Director, Yanira Colon, worked in the New York fashion industry until 2010, when her husband got the opportunity to work in India. They moved with their fourteen-month-old daughter and started their new adventure in the southern state of Karnataka. Yanira immediately fell in love with the beautiful and colorful Indian prints. She was mesmerized by the traditional art of hand block printing, where artisans use hand-carved blocks of aged teak wood to create unique designs. While pregnant with her second daughter, she envisioned a baby nursery inspired by the hand block printing art of India. When her second daughter was born she set off to make that dream a reality, embodied in the designs of Petite Namaste.

Check out this beautiful Burp Cloth and Bib set that we received from Petite Namaste- the Pink Elephant Caravan Burp Cloth and Bib Set!

A perfect gift set for any new baby & mom!

I am all too familiar with burp cloths and bibs that just fall down on the job. I want my burp cloths and bibs to look pretty, and to do a good job while they're on the clock. I have a lot of burp cloths that look nice, but liquids just run right down the fabric, and onto my clothes! I don't want stained clothes- I'd like for them to remain as nice as possible, but alas... spit happens. With this beautiful burp cloth, my entire shoulder and half of my chest is protected. Baby S still spits up a good bit, and I have been very pleased with the way this burp cloth has performed. It really whisks away the spit-up or drool, and absorbs it, instead of allowing it to soak through to my clothes underneath.

The matching bib is adorable, and has already been a clothes-saver for S!

I vaguely remember having to put B (my now five-year-old-son) in bibs when he was around 3-4 months old. Once he began teething, it was drool city, and it hasn't been any different with Baby S. In fact, it seems as though her drool is even worse! We've been using bibs for weeks, and S has been going through 2-3 outfits a day due to the drool soaking through her bibs. Talk about excess laundry! I feel like I can't stay caught up with it all. I have been washing bibs and burp cloths every other day just so we don't run out. When we gave the cute bib from Petite Namaste a try, I was so impressed by it. It has a terry cloth backing, which is super absorbent. S can actually wear the bib for several hours without any drool leaking through to her clothing. Thank goodness we've finally found a bib that can stand up to her drool! No more rashes! We have a happy girl, and I'm a happy mommy, thanks to Petite Namaste! I love their high quality, beautifully designed baby products.

Our bib sets comes with two coordinating hand block printed bibs. Super cute and absorbent they are made of soft cotton fabric backed with absorbent terry cloth.

Petite Namaste has so manu beautiful gifts to choose from. 
Here are some of my top picks...

Contour Pillow

3-pc Bedding Set

Changing Pad Cover

There are so man more beautiful products and designs to choose from over at Petite Namaste. Be sure to check them out if you're decorating a nursery, or looking for the perfect baby shower gift!

Want them? Get them!

Head on over to Petite Namaste to browse their collections or do some shopping! Connect with Petite Namaste through Facebook, and Pinterest.


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