Counting Down to Disney... Disney Challenge day 13... What is your least favorite Disney Song?

We are counting down our days till our families Disney World vacation, and having a little fun with you along the way! Today we are on Day 13.... Least favorite song. I sat here racking my brain and I couldn't think of any one Disney song I didn't like! So I asked my almost 13 year old Disney addicted daughter this question... and without hesitation she yelled "IT'S A SMALL WORLD!!!!!"

Hehehehehe. While I LOVE this ride and the song doesn't bother me one bit... I told her I'd let her have this one ;)

And if her response wasn't enough.... please enjoy these pics of my little angel "enjoying" It's a Small World when we drug her on with us on our last Disney World trip!! LOL

Are you with Miss M on this one? Is It's A Small World the WORST?!?! Or do you have one that tops it? Please leave a comment below... She will DEFINITLEY want to be hearing if you guys take her side on this one! =)

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  1. I actually have happy memories of It's a Small World After All from my childhood. I think one of the worst Disney movie songs is What Made the Red Man Red? from Peter Pan.


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