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Counting down to Disney.... Disney Challenge day 19.... What is your least favorite Pixar Film?

My kids and I are counting down until we leave for Disney, and wanted to include you in this fun Disney Challenge we found! Today we are on Day 19.... Least favorite Pixar Movie.

I am not so good at picking out anything Disney that I don't like!!! LOL! So this is another challenging one for me. I was originally thinking an older one would top this list... but the more I think about it... We did not enjoy this last Pixar Movie....

The Good Dinosaur!

None of us liked it. We all cried... and while in my opinion, almost always happens when watching a Disney movie... This was awful crying. I cried THREE different times. My middle daughter who was 6 when we watched it cried out of fear, sadness, and being scared. It did not leave us with that warm fuzzy feeling and I always know when a movie is a real bust in our house when it comes out on DVD... and no one wants to watch it again =(

What about you? Do you have a least favorite Pixar Movie? Comment Below! The kids and I are loving hearing form you!!!

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