Breastfeed with Ease in Milker Nursingwear

Thank you to Milker for providing me with product, free of charge, in exchange for my honest review. All thoughts and opinions shared my own.

What's the most important question to a breastfeeding mom when searching for clothing to wear postpartum? Okay, don't laugh, but it's 'Can I get a boob out?' Seriously, if you've ever struggled to find nursing clothes for breastfeeding, you know what I'm talkin' about. It's bad enough after you have a baby that nothing fits. One minute, you're about to pop out of your maternity clothes, and then you still have to wear them after having baby until they become all loose and saggy, and you have to put them in a box and swear never to wear them again! Okay, maybe that's just my story, but I'll bet yours might be similar, if you've ever had a baby.

It's so hard to find clothes that are easy to nurse in. Sure, I've got my own tricks for breastfeeding in regular clothing, but it would be so nice to not have to fanagle clothes to make sure no one can see anything (because it'll make them uncomfortable- not me), and no mom wants to feed her baby under a hot blanket.


Not too long ago, I found Milker, a Danish clothing company which makes beautiful clothes for nursing moms. Finally- a clothing company that gets the value of breastfeeding and actually caters to mommas!

Milker Nursing and Maternity Wear
Milker is a Danish supplier of nursing and maternity wear. Their aim is to create practical and fashionable clothes for pregnant women and nursing mothers. Their collection of Nursing shirts and dresses are among the leading in Europe – with more varied design than any other brand.

I was thrilled for the opportunity to connect with Milker and to try out one of their lovely nursing dresses.

Me with my precious baby girl, in my Milker Red Nursing Dress.

I received a gorgeous wine red nursing dress from Milker. It's a beautiful sleeveless dress with a smart extra fabric panel on the front. The fabric lifts up or pulls back, and reveals two slits - one on each side of the chest. This makes it easy to 'get a boob out' without having to undress. 

I wore this dress to church a few weeks ago, and loved the way it felt and looked. More than that, I loved that I could nurse in it. Sundays are crazy for us. I am up at 6 am, and I get ready for church. I usually nurse S between 7-8 am, and then we have to be at church for worship team sound check at 8:15. Hubby and I are both in the worship band. My mom watches the kiddies while we rehearse. Sound check is over around 9 am, and I have roughly 20 minutes to whisk S downstairs to the nursery to feed her before the service begins. I was very comfortable nursing her in the dress from Milker. I was able to quickly allow S access to the breast without any trouble.

Dress details

Material: 92% Viscose of Bamboo fibres/8% Elastane
If you like red this nursing dress could´nt be more for you! This nursing dress is super elegant and great to wear at parties. The nursing opening comes in Viennese pleats at the front.

This nursing dress has a lot of wigth and therefore has a quite large fit.

The dress does run a bit large. I felt that I could have also worn it as a maternity dress, which is actually great. I love dual purpose dresses for maternity and nursing. Gotta get the most bang for your buck! 

Milker has some truly beautiful nursing apparel. Check out some of their other gorgeous pieces...

Nursing Tee

Nursing V-Neck

Nursing Dress

Nursing Tee Dress

Nursing Tanks

Gorgeous Knits

I would love to have my entire wardrobe filled with pieces from Milker. One of the greatest fears that I had after S was born, was that I wouldn't have anything cute to wear to church that I could nurse in. I am so happy to have foudn Milker. Their pieces are perfect for nursing moms who want to look fabulous, and still be able to nurse their babies wherever they go! Milker's nursing apparel is perfect for moms who stay at home with the kids, are professionals, or want to dress up occasionally for a nice night out. If you're a breastfeeding mom or know someone who is, check out Milker and spread the good word!

I will never be ashamed or afraid to nurse my baby in public, no matter where I am. I have fed her in the mall, in restaurants, and in the middle of stores, etc. You have the legal right to breastfeed your baby anywhere you want to, and don't let anyone tell you otherwise. Let's normalize breastfeeding. Thanks to Milker for supporting a woman's right to breastfeed in public.

Want it? Get it!

Head on over to Milker to learn more about their beautiful nursing apparel. Connect with Milker on Facebook and Instagram.

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