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Aiden's Biscuit Balls #tastytuesday

What are biscuit balls you ask?  I would say they are very high on Aiden's favorite food list.  We make this at least once a month and they are very yummy...especially while still hot.  But be careful because the gooey inside gets very hot!  Aiden loves them and is able to do all the work himself, except for putting in and taking out of the oven.  Biscuit balls are very simple to make.  They have just a few ingredients.  
Simple ingredients

You will need a can of biscuits, cream cheese, and shredded cheese (any kind).  Sometimes we do cook bacon and crumple it up in with the mixture, too.  

Make sure your cream cheese is at room temparture so it will be easy for you mix the cheese in.  Mix cream cheese and shredded cheese together.  And bacon, if you try it that way.  Flatten a biscuit and put a scoop of your mixture into the middle of the biscuit.  Fold and close the biscuit around the mixture.  I am usually able to make enough cream cheese mixture to use two cans of biscuits.  Bake in the oven just like regular biscuits.  Some of the mixture may bubble out while cooking if you don't have it closed tight.  That's ok...I love to eat that part with a spoon when I get it out of the oven.  Enjoy the ooey gooey deliciousness of these Biscuit Balls.  I have burned the inside of my mouth taking a bite too soon.  The inside gets so very hot so please make sure you let them cool just a bit before eating.  
Aiden did a good job and these are ready for the oven.

Cooking up some goodness.

Ready to eat!

I know this seems like an odd recipe but Aiden loves to help in the kitchen.  And this is something he can do without too much of my help.  He loves to make these and serve them to us.  I hope you will give them a try...they really are good.  Let me know if you like them!!


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