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Wigglesworth Family Fun Day at Edaville USA- #Review

Thank you Edaville USA for providing me the opportunity to visit the park with my family in exchange for an honest review. All thoughts expressed below are completely my own!

Recently, the Wigglesworth crew had the chance to visit Edaville USA, which is located in South Carver, MA and is about a 3 hour trip from our house. Since we weren't sure we could depend on weekend traffic to be on our side, we opted to head up the night before and stay at a hotel a little bit closer to the amusement park. 

The day that we went, the park was open from 10am-5pm and we arrived at noon. I believed at the time, that 5 hours would be plenty long enough, but when it was time for us to leave, we all were wishing we had a little more time. 

The Girls Send Greetings from Edaville!

We Checked Out Cran Central Junction and Ellis' Playhouse First

The Model Trains Were Pretty Neat!

Drew and Reese Enjoyed The Play Houses

Our First of Many Dino Sightings

Conductor Reese!

Edaville USA, which is home to over 90 rides and attractions, including Thomas Land and Dino Land, proved to be a great source of fun for our family. I knew the girls would be excited, because we opted to visit the weekend Hello Kitty was there (be sure to check out their Events Pages to see who else is coming to Edaville), but even Matt and I enjoyed ourselves. There did seem to be quite a few projects going on (new attractions and rides being built), but there was plenty to see and do on our visit and we are excited to see what is new when we visit again. 

Our First Edaville USA Ride!

After strolling through the Edaville section of the park, we were excited to visit Dino Land. I think this was my personal favorite part of our visit. The life like dinosaurs were so awesome, I loved walking through and learning about each of them. This part of the park also provides a great amount of shade, but you will want to be sure to wear your bug repellent. 

Now Entering Dino Land!

Digging for Fossils

A Little Info About Why the Dinosaurs Were There

Checking Out a Stegosaurus (I think)  

Tyrannosaurus Rex!

My Favorite Sign in all the (Dino) Land!

Remnants of the Old Gnome Coaster

This Brontosaurus (I think) Marked the End of Dino Land

After Dino Land, it was time to say hello to Hello Kitty! She was at the park the day we visited, taking pictures with all of the boys and girls (and some Moms and Dads!) that excitedly ran up to her. We opted for the VIP upgrade, so that the girls could take a "cookie break" with Hello Kitty. The girls got to decorate some sugar cookies, make bracelets, and enjoy some one on one time with Hello Kitty! This was Drew's favorite part of the day, and I know because after hugging Hello Kitty, she told me "I wanted to do that my whole life" with the hugest smile on her face! 

Waiting for the Cookie Break with Hello Kitty

Drew Was Really Into Decorating

Reese Really Enjoyed it as Well!

Check Out Those Little Faces!

Because we were right near the entrance, after seeing Hello Kitty, we took a great ride on Edaville Railroad's Diesel Excursion Train. It was a great way to take a little break while exploring some more of the park. 

Great Views on This Ride!

Scenery Shot Number 1

Scenery Shot 2

Scenery Shot 3 

Scenery Shot 4- A Nice View From the Other Side of Edaville!

After our train ride, we were pretty hungry, so we went to grab lunch at KC's Cafe (inside of the park). It served a great variety of food, but I was a bit disappointed by the cost. It is really no different than the cost at any other park, but I am a bit of a penny-pincher, so I did kick myself for not packing a lunch to bring with us. 

Now Entering Thomas Land!

I'm pretty sure this was Reese's favorite part of the park because there were lots of cool rides for her to go on and she was tall enough to do so! I do have to note, we don't watch a whole lot of Thomas the Train, but both girls are familiar with the show and it was pretty cool exploring the "Island of Sodor".  

The Girls at Sir Topham Hat's Fountain

Matt Took Drew on The Troublesome Trucks Runaway Coaster  

Reese Was a Little Too Small for the Coaster, So We Went on the Firefighting Flynn Ride

Then We All Went on Winston's Skyline Express

Drew was Done with Rides, So Reese and I Checked Out Bertie's Bus Tours and Then Toby's Tilting Tracks

We Checked Out One Last Train

Took a Picture With the Kid's Caboose 

Convinced Drew to Try One Last Ride

Which Made Reese Glad

We had a Great Time and Hope to  Be Going Back Soon!

Our day at Edaville USA was a great one. I would recommend a visit for anyone in the general New England area. It looks like the park will be open from 10am-6pm through August, and there are lots of fun events coming up including a Dino Land Scavenger Hunt (7/29-7/30) and a Superhero and Princesses Weekend (8/5-8/7). 
Tickets are available for purchase online or at the gates. You can save $3 a ticket if you order date specific admission tickets online. 

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