Toddler Time: August

Is it as hot where you are as it is where I am? Shew. All we want to do is play in the water! Here are five ideas to cool off with your little buddies this August.

Creative water play "toys" from the Dollar Store
1. Pouring Stations - Toddlers don't need fancy water tables and toys, they are fascinated with the cause and effect of pouring. There are so many scientific experiments at work, this is also a great learning opportunity. Once of Mr. G's favorite water "toys" is a re-purposed large drinking water carton (the kind with a little spout). We cut a hole in the top for easy refilling and put a bucket below to recycle the water. Mr. G learned to pull and turn and push the spout to direct the water as he wanted. Funnels, measuring cups, pitchers, and condiment containers (above, Dollar Store!) make great water devices.

So many science experiments here
2. DIY Water Slide - Our neighborhood pool has a big waterslide, but it is really for older kids. Mr. G had the most fun when we put his climbing slide in his baby pool and let the hose run down the slide and fill up the pool. It looked like so much fun I almost joined in with him!

Backyard waterslide
3. Water Beads - We learned about these at our kids' museum summer camp, but they are available on Amazon. Just add water and they create a safe watery gelly sensory experience for little hands. Just keep an eye out to prevent them from finding little mouths.

Water beads offer a great summer sensory activity
4. Sink or Float - Fill up a container (bonus if it is clear) and collect lots of objects from around the house and yard. Demonstrate one that sinks and one that floats and then let your toddler guess what will sink and what will float before tossing them in!

Will it sink or float?
5. Wash & Dry - Fill up a bucket or sink and let your child step right up for bath time. Practice bathing animals or super heroes, washing cars, or dishes just like Mommy. Not only does this teach important life skills and role play/imagination, with all the splashing, your counter or floor will probably get clean too!
Bath time at the zoo?

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