Preparing And Hosting A House or Garden Party With Kids Around

Organising and hosting a house party when it’s just you, friends, or a partner is one thing. But doing the same when there are kids around? That is something else entirely!

However, don’t panic. There are lots of ways to make prepping for a house party with kids running around much more bearable.

First of all, don’t even try and organize something really last minute. Deciding in the morning to do something that afternoon is going to leave you frazzled before you get started! Instead, plan it for a few days time, or longer. The longer, the better! This means more time to clean and tidy whichever area you’re hosting the party in. If you’re having a house party, you’ll probably want to do a deep clean. If you’re having a garden party, you’ll probably want to clear out any rubbish or items that are cluttering up the space. 

If the party will have other kids at it, you’ll need to consider this also. So, in the house, precious items, breakables, and valuables will need to be lifted onto higher shelves. In the garden, be sure to see the space as a kid would. This is a far more effective way to see any hazards that might be lurking. 

If the party is in honor of a friend, you’ll need to get them a gift. So that the kids don’t want to run off with it, it might be wise to get them something only adults will appreciate. So, wine hampers are a good bet! Buying it online is a good choice because it means you don’t have to find the time to go out and pick it up.

Next up, think about food and drink. When hosting a party, sometimes people try and over-impress in this area. Why not give yourself a break and do something normal, like a BBQ. You could even ask everyone to bring a dish if the party is for close friends and family. People will know the stress of preparing and hosting themselves, so are sure to want to help out! Doing something every day and manageable also makes having kids around more manageable. 

On the subject of having kids at the party, give some thought in the preparation stages to how you plan to entertain them. After all, kids with nothing to do get bored, and bored kids can get naughty. If you have a pool, how about investing in some new pool floats, or a kid-friendly pool game?

Or, if you’re just out in the garden, how about some garden games? Go for ones that lots of kids can play at once. This will reduce the chances of arguments, and keeps more kids happy at once! 
Finally, when you are setting up the party before beginning, give the kids a chore or task. Letting them help out will prevent them from doing something unhelpful! So, put them in charge of making decorations, or have them help in the kitchen. They could fill up drinks dispensers, or make ice buckets, for example! 

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