July's the Time for Family Time

We're in NJ with my family this week, and boy, it's been awesome to spend this time together. We live in NC, and try to make an anual summer trip up to Jersey to visit family. My grandmother and two uncles live up here, and we always have so much fun when we get together for a week and catch up.

My Gram has been battling cancer for the past year, so this trip is really important and special. It's also a special trip because my sister and brother-in-law have been here with us. It's my bro-in-law's first trip to NJ/NYC, and the first time my sis and I have been together in NJ since my high school grad trip, back in 2001! Golly, time flies... I still remember that trip! My uncles surprised us with a trip down the shore to see O-Town (the band that won MTV's Making the Band way back when!). Gosh, I feel old.

This week has been filled with sightseeing, relaxing, visiting old stomping grounds, etc. It's always fun to take a day trip into NYC and just walk around. Baby S is getting her Jersey legs early. B's first trip to NJ was just before his 2nd birthday. This was his 4th trip 'back home'. Another great thing that happened this week, is that my sis turned 30! We were on a cruise together when I turned 30, and we've been livin' it up NJ style for her's! I was pregnant with S last summer while we were in NJ, and was so tired the majority of the time. Even with a 3-mo-old and five-year-old in tow this year, it's been mush more enjoyable!

Anytime we get to spend with family is precious. There's a lt of laughter and it's always so much fun. The years keep on slipping by. Sure we're older, and have some wrinkles and grey hair, but we're all still the same goofballs we've always been, and I wouldn't trade our time together for anything in the world. I love my family so much!

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