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We're having a super fun summer so far. We've already taken a mini-vacation, and we're headed off on another family trip, and have lots of other fun things planned before summer's end. On the days that we're at home, we're trying to find ways to play indoors so we stay cool. It's been really hot out, and Baby S is too young to be outside for very long. B absolutely loves to play dress up. He loves dressing up like his favorite superheroes, villains, and characters. B's getting a little too old for cutesy costumes, but he loves cool character accessories!

When I heard about Sun-Satches, I was intrigued, and sort of tickled by their fun products and designs. Sun-Staches came to be when three best friends in college jokingly held a video game controller under the nose of another friend who couldn't grow a mustache. After some laughs and brainstorming, a prototype was born just a few minutes later. Fast forward to today, Sun-Stashes offers fun facewear for everyone! Sun-Staches can instantly transform anyone into the life of the party. Or the most interesting person at the supermarket. Ponder this…would you rather play a riveting game of ultimate frisbee with some guy without glasses, or your neighbor who just happens to be wearing a leprechaun mask, while dancing and ferociously devouring his beloved Lucky Charms?

This dude is so excited to check out his Sun-Staches!

We were sent some pretty awesome Sun-Staches to check out. We were so surprised to find not one, but three pairs of super fun Sun-Staches!

Check it out- Spiderman, the Stay Puft Marshmallow, and Bumble Bee!

B was so surprised to see these cool Sun-Staches. It's important to note that most of the Sun-Staches are intended for ages 14+, but there are some designs that are made for kids. Though the items we received are for older kids, I thought my little dude would love playing with them.

Unfortunately, these were missing one of the lenses, but B just thought that made them even cooler!

Spiderman is B's ultimate favorite superhero. He loves to dress up in his Spiderman costume and sling webs around the house while listening to the original Spiderman Theme Song. When B put on the Spiderman Sun-Staches, he thought they were so cool... and I have to say, he looked pretty cool in them, too!

Spider Man Marvel Sun-Staches

So you want a cool outfit like your friendly neighbor Spiderman, but you don't want to be bitten by a radioactive spider to wear a superhero costume. Why not leave the skintight spidey-suit to the professional? Instead, pick up these Marvel Sun-Staches when you have the urge to go web-slinging.

All Sun‐Staches provide 100% UV400 protection, because we care. Ages 14+
One size fits most

B has also relly been getting into Ghostbusters lately. He thinks the Stay Puft Marshmallow is so funny, and was so excited to see the Sun-Staches! They're so goofy and fun, and he's had a blast playing with them around the house. He just got a Ghostbusters set for his LEGO video game, and has been wearing the Sun-Staches while playing his game.

Stay Puft - Ghost Busters Sun-Staches

He may be a paranormal monster, but who doesn’t love a villain made of marshmallows! The Stay Puft Marshmallow Man is one of the most iconic figures from the Ghostbuster’s movies and now you can become a marshmallow villain too… just stay away from campfires!
All Sun-Staches provide 100% UV400 protection, because we care. Ages 14+
One size fits most

So darn cute!

The Bumble Bee Sun-Staches are just plain cute! I am seriously thinking about borrowing these from B for Halloween this year!

Bumble Bee Sun-Staches

You don't need a Halloween costume to get in touch with your spirit animal. Buzz around in style with the Bumble Bee Sun-Staches.

All Sun-Staches provide 100% UV400 protection, because we care. Ages 14+
One size fits most

Take a look at some of the other fun Sun-Staches we'd love to have...

Batman Santa



Paw Patrol- Marshall


Team Bride

Sun -Staches are so much fun! There are so many different designs, perfect to add to any party or gathering. I thre a bachelorette weekend for my best friend last summer, and I wish that I'd known about Sun-Staches then! It would have ben so much fun to go out with the girls, wearing some fun glasses! I love that Sun-Staches are 100% UV protectant, and are just plain fun to wear. Choose single designs, or purchase a party pack to add some extra fun to your next party!

Want them? Get them!

Head on over to Sun-Staches to browse their entire collection of fun glasses! Connect with Sun-Staches on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Special thanks to Sun-Staches for allowing us to check out and share about their cool facewear!

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