Fun Things You Can Do When You're Expecting

Having a baby is a wonderful experience. But, those nine months can start to drag. Particularly when you’re packed full of hormones that can make your body feel and look like a disaster area. Then there’s the morning sickness, the real reason for the mother maternity glow. There’s also the physical changes to your body that can be wonderful and depressing at the same time. It’s an interesting time, and that’s why you may be looking for some ways to take your mind off it. Or, prepare for what comes next. We’ve got some ideas on this subject that we think you’re going to love. 

Set Up A Nursery  

After 24 weeks, you can start having fun, preparing your home for the new baby. In particular, you can start setting up the nursery. You’ll need to buy a crib, some toys and you might need to clear out an old room. The best part is painting because you choose what color to paint the nursery. Or, you can use wallpaper if you want certain pictures. Remember, though; you want pale or soothing shades and nothing too bright or vibrant. This might keep the baby up at night time.

Any parent will tell you that putting up a crib can be a challenge. If you buy one from a store that provides the setup, always take that option. Otherwise, you’ll spend a good few hours trying to put a square peg in a circular hole. 

Guess The Sex

Do you not want to find out the baby's gender officially? That’s alright; you can still play the guessing game. There are plenty of different factors that point to the gender of your bundle of joy. For instance, if the belly is low, this points to a boy according to some old wives tales. As well as this, the position of conception also plays a part according to researchers. For instance, many believe having the woman on her back will most likely mean the birth of a baby boy. Alternatively, you can look to different cultures. The Chinese have long believed you can tell the sex based on the calendar. You can use to Chinese gender predictor yourself if you’re interested in this belief. It might be best to find out the gender before you start setting up the nursery. Otherwise, you may need a complete redesign after the birth. Unless of course, you are opting for gender-neutral parenting

Go Shopping 

Finally, you can go out shopping and buy everything that you need before you give birth. There’s lots more to purchase, more than just the initial setup of the nursery. You’ll want to purchase some toys and clothes. Be careful about buying clothes that are too expensive, though. Remember, babies grow fast, and while those sneakers may look adorable, they’ll grow out of them within weeks. Don’t forget when you have a baby you should spend time baby proofing the home. They’ll learn to crawl quicker than you’d imagine and start getting into every area of your home. For this reason, baby proofing is an essential and fun part of the preparation time. 

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