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Donation Birthday Party...Part 2 #actsofkindness

I hope everyone is enjoying their Sunday.  I just wanted to give you the update on Aiden's donation to Rowan Helping Ministries.  I unloaded and repacked all the food and I knew we had a lot.  Aiden really wanted to reach 200 pounds and my fingers were crossed!

I organized everything at home and packed into boxes and bags.

Thank goodness they had a cart we could use at RHM.

Lots of food

We got everything unloaded from the car and on a cart to take into the Food Bank.  They moved it all onto the scale and we were surprised to see the results!!


We did it!  We donated 200 pounds of food!  Aiden was so excited that he met his goal.  We are so thankful for all our friends that helped us donate so much food to the people that need it!!

I hope you all have a great week!!

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