Counting down to Disney... Disney Challenge Day 8... Who is your favorite Villain?

Thanks for joining us again for another day of the Disney Challenge!!! We are on day 8 while counting down to our trip to Disney... and today's question is Who is your favorite Villain?!?!?

Disney is SO good at making characters that are SO BAD!!!!

I couldn't decide which way to go with this one.... so i will go both ways.... The one I hate the most, and the one I love even though she is bad!

By far, The Villain I hate the most is Lady Tremaine (otherwise known as The Wicked Step Mother!!!

 She has no magical powers or high position of authority, she is just MEAN! Lady Tremaine is just out to help herself. She is ruthless and victimizes Cinderella for no good reason other than she wants to and she can. The Queen of Hearts decapitates, Cruella De Vil kills puppies, and Ursula steals souls, so to be this hated for no other reason beside she is MEAN, says a lot!!

Now, on the other end of the spectrum is my favorite.... but she is only my favorite because of the Live Action Movie where it tells HER side of the story!!!

While she originally comes to us as "The Mistress of All Evil"  cursing Princess Aurora after not being invited to her Christening... when you see HER side of the story... it really makes you feel for her. I normally like the classics to stay the classics, but in the case of Maleficent, i LOVED the live action movie!

Who is your favorite Disney Villain? Comment Below! The kids and I are loving hearing from you!!!

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