Counting down to Disney... Disney Challenge Day 7... Who is your favorite sidekick?!?

We are onto Day 7 of the Disney Challenge... having a little fun while counting down to our Disney trip =) Today's question, Who is your favorite Sidekick?

My pick is a two-fer..... They can't be separated!!

Timon & Pumbaa!!!!!

They basically raise Simba, help him defeat Scar, get Simba & Nala together, taught us the amazing motto of Hakuna Matata, help Simba take back the Pride Lands, were HILARIOUS, and still had time for a Hula Routine ;) i LOVE them!!!!

Who is your favorite Disney sidekick? Comment below!!

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  1. My favorite sidekick is sir Jimmie cricket, the voice of reason and just so cute!!


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