Counting down to Disney... Disney Challenge Day 6.... Who is your favorite animal?

We are counting down our days till we leave for Disney World... and having some fun with you along the way!! Today we are on Day 6... Favorite animal... and Holy Cats!! There are A LOT of animals in the Disney Realm!

But of them all, mine has to be this mouse.... because after all, it was all started by a mouse ;)

Mickey sure has had a lot of different looks along the way...

I wonder what Walt Disney would think of it all now? Who is your favorite animal? Comment below. The kids and I are loving hearing from you =)


  1. Yes, I agree with Mickey! I always tear up during the fireworks when Walt says "it all started with a mouse" Gets me everytime. I also need to point out Cheshire Cat, Baloo, Thumper, Donald Duck, Pooh, and the other famous mouse Gus :)

  2. Picking just one animal was HARD!!!!! I love Pooh too =)

  3. So many greats to choose from- my son loves Sven, stitch and Cheshire Cat! My girl is a Donald Duck #1 kinda girl, with a big love Todd the fox and gruff!! And while I'd love to take a ride on Maximus, hear stories from owl, get advice from rafiki, cause mischief with meeko and rule havoc with iago.... My #1 is also a pair that cannot be separated good ol' chip and dale they are so fun!!


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