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Worry Eaters can "eat" your child's worries AWAY! #Review

At times, childhood worries can be VERY BIG, and other times, very small. No matter how big or small the worries are, they are all important in the life of a child. A child can write or draw their worries and fears and feed them to their Worry Eater. The cuddly plush Worry Eaters offers the child an opportunity to express themselves and their worries, and offers parents an opportunity to learn about their child's worries in a safe and playful way.
Here is why Parents' Choice awarded its fall seal: "Worries can be hard to talk about. Help is here. Write down the worry on a small piece of paper, pop it into the Worry Eater's mouth and zip it closed. Phew! That feels better. These charming plush creatures won't eradiate fears for young children, but the will help embolden kids to talking about what worries them. And that's more than half the battle. Available in seven styles and suitable for all (and we mean all) ages."
We were very excited to receive our Worry Eaters!! I work at an elementary school that is strictly for Kindergarten, and I donated our Worry Eater's to our guidance team <3 They were IN LOVE with them!!!!

Meet Schnulli! At a little over 12 inches tall, he is one of the large Worry Eaters. He is available in both Large and Small sizes.

At almost 10 inches tall, Meet little Saggo. He is also available in Large.

And sweet Pomm. The ears one this one are SOOOOOOOOO soft!!!!! All the worry earters are super soft and cuddly, but there is something about this ones ears that just made me want to snuggle <3 She is a little over 11 inches tall and simply adorable!

And Biff. Biff comes in both large and small.

I absolutely LOVE what is written on their tags!!

Hi! Afraid of the dark?
Homework Problems?
Trouble with friends?
Whatever is bothering you-
I'm here to help!
Just write or draw your worries on
a piece of paper, feed them to me,
and zip me up.
I'll hold onto them so you don't have to.
Together we'll get through it!"

My co-worker and friend put these to use right away in some of our classrooms at school. She had one little girl that she was seeing bi-weekly for all sorts of different anxiety reasons. She gave her Pomm to keep in her classroom and feed her worries to, and it was like she became a new student within a week!!!!!! Whenever she was feeling anxious, she would draw a picture and "feed" it to Pomm. Now not only did this help the Student.... It helped her teacher! Student would draw something and put it in there, and when the kids were at lunch or recess... Her teacher would take a peek at the worry and know what the little one was panicking about.

So for home or school.... Worry Eater's are AMAZING!!!

I let my little ones use them too, and they drew out some of their worries, and snuggled up in bed with them! Later on, I snuck in, unzipped their Worry Eater's little mouth, and took that worry away from them =)

“Feed me,” is the silent wish of every Worry Eater who winds up in an American home. Brought to the U.S. by The Haywire Group, the popular German plush, with big eyes and a zippered mouth, has been chowing down on “worries” written on a piece of paper by children everywhere. A simple and extremely appealing concept noticed by toy experts everywhere, including recognition in the November issue of Parents magazine which just named Worry Eaters, $15.99 (S) and $22.99 (L), to its Best Toys 2015 list.
“We love these toys that are kind enough to tackle tough emotions!” marvel Parents editors. “Your child can write down a fear or a concern and feed it into one of Gerd Hahn’s Worry Eaters. It’s up to you whether to peek later.”
Each character boasts round, understanding eyes, soft bodies and a mix of two, three or more ears or horns! Worry Eaters are kind and cuddly in both good and bad times. Each arrives with a tag that tells its name. With Enno's two pointy ears or Saggo's five tall striped ears, these pals create opportunities for children to talk to parents or other grownups. These plush friends offer lots of reassurance to children that someone is always there to help. Take a look at how MANY awards these little helpful guys have earned already in this first year in the US!
Worry Eaters • Ages  3+ •  $15.99 (9” Small) & $22.99 (14” Large)
·   Parents Magazine Best Toys 2015
·   Parents’ Choice Foundation Recommended Seal
·   Toy Insider’s Hot Holiday Toys
·   Creative Child Awards Plush of the Year
·   The National Parenting Center's Seal of Approval
·   Mom's Choice Award - Gold
·   Mr. Dad's Seal of Approval
·   NAPPA Gold Award (National Parenting Publications Awards)
·   National Association of Gifted Children’s Recommended Toy Seal
·   PAL Award (Play On Words recognizes products that advance language)

I think these are great for the little (or big) people in your life!! It is a fun way to express their concerns and an easy way for you to find out what is bothering them!!!!

WANT IT?!?! BUY IT!!!!!!

Worry Eaters are available online
and at select retailer's near you =)

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