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The 3 Best Things About Your New House

So, it's finally here! Moving day at last! The movers are in the van outside, and you are packing the last essentials into your car. All the work you have done in the last few months is beginning to pay off. This is the time when you can start to forget about the hassle of moving house and look forward to the advantage of getting in your the new place.  

Changing the layout and decorating

Before we get too excited about all the funs things in the new house, let’s do one last check that all the moving essentials are covered. You have probably booked professional movers, to save time, energy and hassle on moving day.  Check they know the new address and whether to start unpacking the lorry as soon as they get there. Also, remember to use my moving checklist to sort stuff that can be done ahead of the moving process.

Once all the stressful stuff is out the way, they you can start on the fun. One of the most exciting things about moving house is that you get to start with a blank canvas. This means that you get to paint or paper the walls the colours you want, put your furniture in different places or buy new furniture. You could go for a completely different style or colour scheme. The opportunities and endless.  This can be enjoyable, and it's likely you'll have done some research online with the type of thing you would like. A cheap and easy way of creating a mood board for the rooms in your new home is to use an online pin board provider. You can collect ideas, inspiration and tips that will make the whole process easier.

Making new memories

Another great thing about a new home is the chance to make new memories. Whether you are leaving behind good or some not so good memories, your new house is a new chapter in your life. You can even make the decorating the house a memory in itself and hold a painting party for friends and family. This is when everyone comes to your place, in overalls, grabs a brush and helps you get that first coat of paint on the walls.

Of course are you will be making lots of new memories in your new home and it is a fantastic thing to document them. Take lots of pictures or get the kids to draw pictures for you. If you prefer photography, you can get the pictures printed and framed or use an electronic photo frame to display your new memories. If your kids are feeling arty, why not display their pictures on the kitchen fridge or on the dining room walls?

Getting to know your new neighbours

The last fun thing about moving is that you get a whole set of new neighbours. Meeting new people can be a little bit scary, but remember most people are reasonable and kind to new members of their community. Pop over with a gift and your contact details and introduce yourself so you don't remain a stranger. There will probably be community groups where you can get to meet your new neighbours as well. Many neighbourhoods have seasonal celebrations like Halloween and 4th July. Get as involved in these as you can, because this is a great way of meeting the people that live around you.

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