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Thank you to Geleeo for providing me with product, free of charge, in exchange for my honest review. All thoughts and opinions shared are my own.

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It's hot, hot, hot in North Carolina, y'all... and I almost never day 'y'all,' so you have to know how much I mean that! Being home with a new baby is such a blessing, and I am slowly adjusting to life as mom to two kiddos, instead of just one. The difference between parenting my five-year-old and my newborn is like night and day- they both have very different needs, and their schedules never really seem to sync up. I feel needed every second of every day, and I truly love that, but for my own sanity, we sometimes need to get out of the house. 

We love going out to play, or for walks, especially. When B was a baby, I walked with him twice a day- but it was the fall season, and much cooler. Having a baby in extreme heat is very challenging, and we have alredy felt like we've had to be stuck indoors, because being out in the heat with a newborn can be downright dangerous.

I was recently introduced to Geleeo when I was watching a live chat with BabyGuy NYC on Facebook. One mom asked what the best way to keep a baby cool in their stroller would be, and he said it was the Geleeo- hands down. I kew I had to check it out- for my own baby, and for the sake of those of you who check out Mommy's Block Party for baby gear/product news and advice. We all wants to keep our babies safe!

The story of Geleeo

As the parent of a toddler, seeing my kid sweating in her stroller was stressful. I often wondered how it felt to be strapped into a chair made of warm and non-breathable fabric. Worse, my daughter often developed heat rashes and became cranky and impatient. Sadly, when I looked for cooling options, I found no optimal solution.

Running out of options, I decided to take action in my own hands and investigate other alternatives. After years of long, in-depth research, I discovered this new and hard-to-believe proprietary gel that is made to stay cool without refrigeration. The technology was so advanced that when I showed the prototype to my friends, no one had seen anything like it before, and one of them is a material engineer! I knew I was on to something rather rare.

From the moment I found this material, I was determined to turn it into a stroller product that would benefit my daughter and other children like her. While the concept was easy, the work was hard. I visited many potential factories, evaluated all possibilities, finally selecting the most capable manufacturer and the safest materials, and designed the product with them side-by-side. After a long process, I finally invented a first-of-its-kind product that answered all my wishes: safe, convenient, comfy, stylish, long lasting, low maintenance, and most importantly, self-cooling!

We were excited for the opportunity to try the Geleeo out for ourselves. The Geleeo came packaged in a colorful box, which we recycled after removing the product from the package. The Geleeo lays flat, and is contoured to fit the lining of a standard stroller. There are three options for stroller strap placement. Simply slide the stroller's shoulder straps through the provided slits of the Geleeo. Do the same with the waist straps, and buckle at the bottom.

This is what the Geleeo looks like, laid out flat on a table. 

The Geleeo's length fully protects baby, keeping her cool from head to toe when in use. To set up our Geleeo, we simply laid the Geleeo mat in the stroller, and positioned it where it lined up with the stroller straps, etc. It took us a couple of tries to get the stroller straps situated. We placed them too low at first. We found that pulling the straps through the very top slit on the Geleeo worked best for our stroller model. Once the starps were situated, we continued with the waist straps and buckle.

Here's what the Geleeo looks like when it's all situated in the stroller, and installed properly (this was on our first attempt with the straps).

The Geleeo works wonderfully for keeping Baby S cool when we're out and about, or out on a walk. We love to go walking, and often do so in the early morning, before it gets too hot outside. The Geleeo is recommended for use with the stroller only- not to be used in car seats. It's not recommended that you take your baby out in extreme heat- it can be very dangerous, and overheating can lead to SIDS. Be smart about heat safety when it comes to your precious baby.

The Geleeo is also great to use with toddlers- it keeps them nice and cool while in the stroller. This probably goes without saying, but the Geleeo doesn't work as well if left in the heat. I have a habit of just leaving the stroller set up and locked on our front porch, in case we decide to go back out for another walk. We found that the Geleeo was very warm when left outside, so we have been removing it, and bringing it inside with us. It's an extra step to re-install it, but it's worth it, because when kept in the cool house, it retains that coolness, and transfers to my child when using the Geleeo.

It's amazing to me how hot Baby S gets in the stroller without using the Geleeo cooling mat. It really does keep her cool when it's 85 degrees out, and we go for a walk. It even does a great job of cooling her down after she's been in the car seat, and we transfer her to the stroller. I wish I'd had this when B was a baby- I use to get so stressed out over how hot he would get in his stroller. It's hard to deal with the extreme heat here in the Carolinas during the summertime. We love to be outside, and thanks to the Geleeo, we're able to get out and enjoy some of the sunshine when it's not blistering hot out there.

The Geleeo is easy to use, doesn't have to be refrigerated to become cool, and is easy to clean!

Geleeo Baby Stroller Cooling Gel Liner (Champagne)

Fetures of the Geleeo

Geleeo is a unique cooling gel pad made just for kids, to help them avoid getting overheated in their strollers. 
A proprietary hydrogel keeps the pad at a few degrees lower than the temperature of its surrounding environment, without the need of refrigeration, fan, ice or other traditional techniques. The pad constantly stays cool and discharges body heat by itself, and can be repeatedly used for heat dissipation on a daily basis for years. Now kids, for the first time, can enjoy a low maintenance, high performance, and long lasting outdoor cooling product!
Made with the most advanced proprietary hydrophilic cooling gel, stays cool wtih no prior refrigeration
It's green! No energy consumption, no freezing or battery needed
Universal fit for all toddler strollers with detachable straps (does NOT work on BOB strollers)
Waterproof fabric for easy cleaning. No washing required
Reversible Champagne/Grey

Want it? Get it!

Head on over to Geleeo to learn more about this wonderful product, or to purchase. Geleeo would make a wonderful and unique baby shower gift! Connect with Geleeo on Facebook, Twitter.

Want it? Win it!

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Special thanks to Geleeo for allowing me to share about their wonderful stroller liner, and for offering this giveaway for our awesome readers.

Good luck!


  1. We live in Florida and the heat and humidity can be oppressive in the summer! I'd love to win this to help keep my little one more comfortable when we're on the go whether it be shopping, trips to the park, or just for a walk around the neighborhood.

  2. I would love this mat because I live in Texas and it gets so hot. The heat index is already around 100 degrees most days and I like to take my son on walks. This would ensure he wouldn't get overheated.

  3. My daughter comes to the skate park with me almost everyday and she sits in her stroller while I skate so I think this would be pretty useful! I could get more skating in before she get's restless from getting all hot and sticky. Thanks for the chance!

  4. to keep my son cool and comfortable in a stroller

  5. I"d love to put this mat in our stroller when we go to the amusement park, it gets so hot in the summer!

  6. Thanks so much for the review!! I need one for my extremely hot toddler!

  7. We recently moved to GA and I push a triple jogger to work out most day of the week. We need several and the cost is quite high. My kids (2-3-4) her hot. Between this and a fan my husband can train for his military schools while pushing the kids, or I can get in shape.

  8. My little one is a big sweater do this would be amazing.

  9. We love going to the park and the local museums!

  10. Twila

    I have a little grandson that could really use this

  11. We found out we are going to be first time grandparents this winter :)

  12. I would love this to keep my son cool and dry this summer, he sweats so much and gets very uncomfortable when its hot out

  13. being in central cali we get a lot of really hot days and both my kids got the unlucky gene of being just like their daddy and run warm and couple that with heat and its a sweat fest all day everyday starting early spring until it gets really cool in the fall and even then they are still hot and sweaty most the time.

  14. I'd love the Geleeo Mat to keep our little girl cool and comfy during out hot summers as we stroll to the park, parades, festivals, and more.

  15. In the summer, we love visiting all the local parks the most! Picnics in the parks is always a good time.

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  20. I have a rainbow coming in a few weeks. My older was a winter baby so a summer baby has me thinking all about how to keep him/her cool.

  21. This would be fantastic for my 4 year old son. He is a heater like me and being outside when it's hot can get scary quick. This would help us stay out and enjoy the warm/hot outdoors more often!

  22. I'd love to win one of these because it's been on average 90+ degrees here recently, and the cooling towel I've been using in ur stroller just isn't cutting it. I don't want to limit walks because of the weather!

  23. We love going to local parades with the kids! The excitement they show is so much fun.

  24. We love going to the local parks

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  27. We love road trips on the summer!


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