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Happy Father's Day!

I consider myself the luckiest gal in the world. I have such a special relationship with my dad, and wish that I could eloquently express just how much he means to me, and how he has shaped my life. My dad is still 'dad' after all these years, but he's also a friend, and a mentor. He's my #1 encourager, and it's been an incredible gift to work beside him as an adult. I have so many wonderful memories from bedtime history lessons to special dad/daughter outings, and of course- writing and recording music together. I know we have so many more memories to make... and now with sweet little grandchildren for him to love, just as he's always loved me & my sister.

My dad, reading to my son and daughter.

Me with my dad, rehearsing worship music back in 2006.

I'm also lucky to have my wonderful husband in my life. We've known each other for over 17 years- friends for a long time, and married going on 9 years! I couldn't have dreamed up a better parner to go through life with. He's an incredible friend and husband, and an amazing dad to our sweet children. I am blessed beyond words.

Hubby with our son, B.

Hubby with our daughter, S.

To the two most important men in my life, Happy Father's Day... I love you!

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