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Frozen Pudding Bites #TastyTuesday

For a tasty summer treat, all you need to do is look in your pantry! I don't know about you, but we always have boxes of instant pudding mix in our pantry, and sometimes with have the little individual pudding packs. My son loves chocolate and vanilla pudding- but often doesn't want it in the summertime, because it's too thick and too rich. Sometimes we splurge on ice cream, but the good stuff can be pricey, so we came up with Frozen Pudding Bites as an alternative to ice cream or fudge pops.

Start with pudding!

To make these bites, you will need:
Chocolate pudding (prepared)
Sheet Pan
Wax paper
Piping bag or plastic bag

Pipe the pudding into bite-sized swirls onto the pan.

I used a plastic baggy, and filled it with the pudding. I cut a tiny slit at the corner to make a throw-away piping bag. B and I took turns squeezing out the pudding, onto the baking sheet, which was lined with wax paper. We made small swirls to make them look pretty. B had a lot of fun trying his hand at using the piping bag.

Add sprinkles, if you like!

B absolutely loves sprinkles with his ice cream, so we thought we'd add them to the pudding bites for some color and extra pizzaz! Sprinkling on the colorful sprinkles was B's favorite step in making these yummy pudding bites.

Delicious, frozen pudding bites!

After all of the swirls were sprinkled, we placed the sheet pan into the freezer for 2-3 hours to let the pudding freeze up. B couldn't wait for the timer to go off, so he could try this chocolatey frozen creation! When time was up, we popped the bites off of the wax paper, into a bowl, and B had his fill of little bite sized pudding treats.

B, enjoying his first pudding bite.

The frozen pudding bites are so easy to make, and chances are, you already have what you need to make them in your pantry. B had a blast helping to make them, and he's been snacking on these bites for over a week. We kept them covered and sealed in the freezer, and once they're all gone, I know we'll have to make more. Maybe we'll try a new flavor! You can also make these frozen bites with yogurt, for a healthy summertime treat!

Hope you'll give these a try and enjoy!

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