Cool Ways To Cater For Your Child's Birthday Party

If you are in the middle of organizing your child’s birthday party, you’ll probably have a lot on your plate. There’ll be stuff like a venue and an entertainer to sort out. But one of the main things that can make or break a kid’s party is the catering. What food does your child want at their big event? If they haven’t mentioned a preference, you will have to come up with an idea all on your own. Here are some options that will hopefully inspire you.

Smoke Your Food

Smoking food is becoming increasingly popular. It is a great way to add delicious flavors to foods and is also a healthier alternative to frying meat. There are a few different smoker ovens you can get for using in your garden. If you are new to smoking and want just to try it out, you will be better off just buying a budget, portable oven. You can usually find these in garden centers and home stores. Already love smoking your meat? Then it could be worth building your very own smoke oven. This way, you can smoke whatever the weather! All kinds of meat can be cooked this way. Chicken wings are especially popular with foodies who love to smoke.  You can find loads of recipes for them online at sites like fire food chef.


If it is a sunny day, get the whole party out into the garden to enjoy a barbecue. This is a classic summer tradition, and they are loved by most people. Especially kids who will enjoy the novelty of getting to eat outside! You can grill pretty much the same types of meat that you smoke. The different cooking techniques give them slightly different flavors. Don’t forget to also serve some salads and small side dishes to go with all the barbecued meat. It may be a party but the kids still need all their vitamins and minerals so that they grow up big and strong!

Finger Food

If it is a rainy day and the party has to stay inside, just put on a small buffet of finger food. It is easy and cheap to do, even as a last minute option! The only thing you may need to do is run to your nearest shop for some extra ingredients to make sure you can make enough food to go round. Keep things simple with some sandwiches. It is always good to have a few different ones so even the fussy eaters will find a filling they like. Put out some bowls of chocolates and chips. Mini cupcakes will also work well too. But don’t forget some healthy savory snacks like carrot and cucumber sticks.

Potluck Supper

Struggling to find the time to prepare any food? Why not organize a potluck supper! On the invites, mention that the party will involve a potluck meal. This way, all the other moms will know to send their kids with a dish. Using all the dishes, you can create a buffet. Potlucks are a fabulous way to get all the other guests involved. If some kids have helped their mom out in the kitchen, they will be super excited to show off all their hard work! And it also means you’ll get a great selection of different foods for the kids to try. Worried that you might get a weird range of dishes? Give everyone a culinary theme to stick to so that they don’t bring anything too odd.

The Cake

The most important part of the whole party: the birthday cake! If you are a confident baker, you can have a go and make your own. Be very creative with the decoration and use lots of colorful icings. You might even want to try and recreate your child’s favorite cartoon character! But don’t worry if all that sounds a bit too much. You can still bake a really nice, simple cake. Simply cover it with chocolate icing. To add a bit of color, top it with bright M&Ms. If your baking skills leave something to be desired, head to your local supermarket. They will have a good selection of birthday cakes and will save you all the mess and washing up that usually comes with baking!

I’m sure you won’t find party catering too much hassle. It just requires a bit of forward thinking! Once you have sorted all the party food out, you can sit back and relax. That is until all the young guests arrive!

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