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Greetings readers! Can you believe that July 4th is a week away?! Me either! Where is this summer going?! Americans love America, I honestly can't think of another country that has as much patriotism as the beautiful land that we live in. Even in economic down time, war, and terror the USA is incredibly patriotic. In fact it seems the worse the situation, the more we come together. 

The best time to celebrate your patriotism in July 4th. Some shoot fireworks, some have parades, and a lot have picnics. Today Id like to tell you about an awesome new subscription box that would be an awesome thing to bring to a July 4th celebration or just to celebrate our amazing country any day of the week,

Discover Our America is a cool new subscription box that celebrates one of the 50 states a month at a time. I was luck enough to get to celebrate a state that is close to my heart and close to my own state. Michigan. I love Michigan, its seriously one of the most beautiful and peaceful places to be. 

Each subscription box is a sweet little package with Discover Our America on the top.
And each of the 50 states on the inside!

I got a lovely note telling me about Discover Our American.

This little book was pretty cool. It told me the back story and explanation of each item inside the box.

Take a journey through Michigan with Discover Our America!!

Josh's favorite part of the pop was a delightfully sweet bag of caramel corn from Detroit Popcorn Company. I'm not a huge fan of caramel corn but this caramel corn was delicious! I was so delicious in fact, the hubby would hardly share it with me. It was sweet, creamy, and had just the right texture. Detroit Popcorn Company has been service Michigan with all its popcorn and concession needs since 1932.  
I'm pretty sure Josh would have fought me for the rest of this bag after I opened it.

The next product is one that I have enjoyed many times was a box of cherry tea from Cherry Republic. It was so fragrant and delicious! I work with two other tea enthusiasts and I shared it with them, they too were delighted by the tea. I make my cuppa with cream and sugar and let me tell you, a little vanilla cream in a cup of Cherry Republic cherry tea is one of the most delicious thing I've ever had to drink. Cherry Republic is a sweet company that is devoted to celebrating the beauty and delicacy of Northern Michigan.

Who doesn't love salt water taffy?! If you don't, try Martha's Original salt water taffy and get back to me on that. It was sweet, colorful, chewy, and so yummy! There were so many flavors in our sample that I can't pick a favorite! There was black licorice though so watch out if that's not your thing! Dating back to the 1800's Martha's Original has homemade fudge, brittle, caramel corn, and taffy to tickle your taste buds!

Next up from the lovely town of Detroit is the morning angel we call coffee. This smooth brew is the perfect pick me up any time of day. Fresh roasted and 100% Arabica beans gives Detroit Bold Woodward Ave. coffee a kick in the pants to get you going. Detroit Bold believes that the auto industry shouldn't be the only industry supporting Detroit, that's why they have been roasting their beans since 1914.

Continuing on, from Michigan we have the What The Fudge bar from Zingerman's Candy. This delish candy bar was covered in dark chocolate and filled with melt in your mouth fudge. It was super rich, which I didn't mind because one or two bites was enough. I kept it in its box in the fridge and it lasted me for 4 days, I've never had a candy bar so satisfying that one or two bites is all you need. I highly suggest you try these bad boys out! The candy bars come in 4 flavors, a peanutbutter  Zingerman's offers chocoalate, brittle, mashmallow and more. Zingerman's itself has been around for a long time but the manufacturing just started in 2009. 

 From fudge to good ol chocolate, we have Sanders Fine Chocolatiers dark chocolate sea salt caramel. This was yet another delicacy that my husband would fight me for however, I didn't tell him I had one because I will also fight you for chocolate and sea salt caramels. The sweet, the salty, the creamy, ugh so delicious! Seriously though Sanders Fine Chocolatiers knows exactly what they are doing when it comes to candy. This was one of the best chocolate sea salt caramels I've ever had, and it should be! Sanders has been making chocolates, candies, and confections since 1875. Id love to head up to Michigan and get Sanders famous bumpy cake. With multiple flavors like chocolate fudge bumpy cake with butter cream bumps, fudge icing, and rich devil's food cake, how can your mouth not water?

Last but not least is one of my favorite treats that hails from the great mitten to the north, Faygo. I honestly didn't know Faygo was a product of Michigan until I got my box from Discover Our America! I've always know of Faygo because its in every grocery store and convenience store in North West Indiana. Thankfully I got to taste a flavor that I've never seen before, Rock & Rye. Im not going to lie, I was a little scare by the name because when I see rye I think bread. So I was thinking that this was going to be some strange flavor that's popular in Michigan but nobody else would ever drink. Boy was I wrong. Turns out, its a cream soda flavor and its delicious! Have you ever had red cream? Faygo Rock & Rye blows those out of the water. It was delicious and now I'm sad that its not available in store around here! Lucky for me I can get a regular Faygo cream soda any time I want. Did you know that Faygo started in 1907 and was based upon frosting flavors? Now you do! Grab a delicious Faygo today in one of these exciting flavors; Redpop, Rock & Rye, Rootbeer, Cotton Candy, Orange, Grape, Candy Apple, Moon Mist, Twist, Gingerale, Cherry Cola, Pineapple, Pineapple Watermelon, Pineapple Orange, Jazz' Blues Berry, Raspberry Blueberry, Fruit Punch, Ohana Punch, Ohana Lemonade & Ice Tea, Ohana Lemon Ice Tea, Sparkling Cherry, Sparkling Grapefruit, Sparkling Orange, Sparkling Lemon Lime, Cola, Creme Soda, 60/40, Black Cherry, Peach, Dr. Faygo, and Gold.

So readers, if you want to sample 5-7 goodies from each of the 50 states, Discover Our America is the subscription box for you. These boxes would make a great gift for anyone, including yourself! If you don't want to commit to a subscription, or if there is just a state you want to try you can check out the shop section and pick from three states; Michigan, Hawaii, or Georgia. So love America, taste America, and be America. God bless the USA!

Want it? Buy it!
 Go check out Discover Our America and don't forget to use the special 15% off code just for MBP readers! 


Special thanks to Josh Henschke and Discover Our America for this awesome opportunity. I enjoyed working with you, and I truly love your product! 

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