A Positive Start to Your Day #MondayMotivation

How do you start your day? It can be easy to allow it to start in a chaotic state. I am the type of person who has to have everything laid out the night before, in order to have an easy, fresh start to the peaceful new day. With a new baby at home, a five-year-old, and the hubs to care for, a peaceful start to the day seems like a far-fetched dream. My mornings consist of breastfeeding, diaper changes, getting the little man ready for summer play group at school, trying to get a shower and get dressed, and if I'm lucky, grab a hot cup of coffee and breakfast somewhere in the mix if all of the madness.

No, it's not easy to find a few moments to find some peace when our lives are so busy. I am finding my moment of peace by picking up a devotional while nursing Baby S for our second feeding of the morning. It's a quiet time- she's still and quiet because she's eating, hubby is at work, and little dude is out of the house. For just a few moments, I am in a quiet state, and have a moment to breathe.

In this time, I choose to turn to God's Word. I may not have time to sit and study the scriptures like I used to- and I do miss it. I do have time, however, to reflect on a Bible verse for the day, read an inspiring commentary, and take some time out for personal prayer. When I am able to spend just a little one on one time with God before the day gets too crazy, my mood is elevated, and I find the joy in my heart that carries me through the rest of the day- from work to play time with the kiddos, to my LifeGroup hour with my mom friends, to band rehearsal for our contemporary service at church, back home to make dinner and cuddle my babies to sleep.

We have so many demands on us these days. We talk about taking time to pamper ourselves- maybe go the spa and get a massage or pedicure, but what of our hearts? Taking care of my heart is looked over far too often. Jesus is the Shepherd of my heart, and time spent with him is my daily 'spa time'. Nothing makes me feel as good as time spent in Word, in prayer, in song or in service.

My favorite 365 Devotional is Revealing Jesus by Darlene Zschech. It's a simple, yet deeply inspiring devotional, perfect for men and women who desire to draw nearer to God. Whether you pick up a devotional, a book of prayer, a book on philosophy, or what have you, I encourage you to take some time out each day- even just five minutes to reflect. It'll do you good!

How do you like to recharge your batteries for the day ahead?

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