Toys to Aid Baby's Development: EDUSHAPE Buggy Stacker #Review

Buggy Stacker

Thank you to Edushape for providing me with product, free of charge, in exchange for my honest review. All thoughts and opinions shared are my own.

It's amazing how quickly babies change from week to week. In her first few weeks of life, Baby S ate, slept, and needed lots of diaper changes. At almost 7 weeks old, she can now look directly at us, is smiling a lot, has given us a genuine laugh, is grabbing onto things, and shows an interest in small toys. All babies are different, and it's hard for me to remember what B did and when (when he was this age). Playing with your baby is important for their development, which is why we choose to keep safe, age appropriate baby toys on hand.


Edushape is family owned & operated providing product to the global educational, toy and specialty markets. Established in 1983, our main focus is to manufacture quality children’s toy & products. EDUSHAPE® Ltd. is committed to producing soft, safe, quality children’s toys which ultimately promote successful developmental learning through play. Our main focus is for children ages Birth to 5 years old.

We couldn't wait to check out the adorable Buggy Stacker soft toy from Edushape.

I know what you might be asking yourself- why does a 6-7 week-old baby need a toy like this? Young babies may not have the ability to play with a toy by picking it up and interacting with it, but at this age, new textures for her hands to feel and new sights and sounds (all in moderation) are all learning opportunities.

The Buggy Stacker comes nicely packaged, and has developmental benefits printed right on the box.

I love spending one on one time, playing with Baby S while her big brother is at school each morning. This is a fun, special and silly time for the two of us to get to know each other, and for her to soak in the sights and sounds of life around her. I know how important touch is at this stage in a baby's development, so finding toys that are soft and textured are perfect for playtime.

The Buggy Stacker is a five-piece toy, which includes three soft rings, a rattle, and a stacking base.

Each one of these soft and cute characters has a different feature.

The cute and cuddly bee ring has O-rings on either side. They are textured and are safe for baby to grasp and chew on. When Baby S is older, she'll be able to grab this toy with both hands, by the rings. The actual ring is made of a soft, plush fabric that is super soft to touch.

The butterfly ring has crinkle wings!

S already loves crinkle toys. She recognizes the sound, and I can tell by the face she makes when she hears the crinkling, that she is trying to figure that thing out. I take time to place her hand on the wing, so she can feel it while it makes the crinkle sound. I usually cheer her on with a 'You did it! You helped the butterfly make that sound!' verse.

This cute little bug ring is soft, and has a built-in teether.

I know that teething is still a ways off, but it won't be long before S is chewing on everything she can get her hands on. I love that this stacking toy has a built in teether on one of the rings. She'll love gumming or chewing on this cute buggy once teething begins.

The topper for the Buggy Stacker- a bright and happy ladybug!

The ladybug topper is actually a rattle toy. We love the sound it makes, and we have been playing with the ladybug a lot. Ladybugs are sort of special to me, because my grandmother used to have a red station wagon when I was a little girl, and we'd always find ladybugs in her car. Every time I see a ladybug, I think of her. This brings back special memories for me, and now when I play with S and we enjoy the ladybug rattle, I can tell her all sorts of stories about her G.G.- she'll understand them one day. Right now, she loves the sound of my voice, no matter what I say to her.

The base of the stacking toy is a cute red flower and stem. It's very soft, and large- perfect for growing hands to hold. I love that we can play with the rattle and rings individually now, and as S grows, we can play with this as a stacking toy. Another great feature is that since this is a stacking toy, cleaning up from playtime is easy, and the rings are neatly stacked all in one place. This is our favorite toy to play with when we're having a diaper change or playing on the floor, on top of the activity mat. It won't be long before it's time to introduce tummy time! I can't wait!

Features of the Edushape Buggy Stacker

Price: $29.95
Stacker, teether, shaker
Really big rings easy to grip
Intriguing textures for baby
Stripes and textures and dots – lots! See how they stack.
Five easy pieces for baby to pick up, stack up, un-stack and
start over. They crinkle and rattle, they’re fun to explore.
Oversized linkets for small hands to grab onto, friendly faces
to see, different fabrics to feel. It’s a happy way for sensory
development through play.

Edushape has so many wonderful developmental and educational toys for babies and children, ages 0 - 5. I hope to add even more Edushape toys to our toy collection for Baby S, so we'll have the very best toys on hand as she develops. These toys are perfect for home & for the classroom.

Want it? Get it!

Head on over to Edushape to learn more about their award-winning toys. Connect with Edushape on Facebook and Instagram.

Special thanks to Edushape for allowing me to share about their wonderful toys!


  1. These toys look like a cute way to learn.

  2. This buggy stacker is just adorable and fun for baby to play with. I sure like all the colors!


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