Toddler Time: June

This month, Toddler Time is planning ahead for June and, of course, that means FATHER'S DAY!! In honor of the big guy, here are five free and easy ideas for dads to spend time with their little people.

1. Have a Dance Party
Whether your husband has rhythm or not, toddlers will love seeing dad act silly. They will probably even get in on the action. This has been a great way for my son to even learn to sing along - plus he has some go-to moves that are hilarious!
That's Choo Choo Ch'boogie playing on the TV! 
2. Go to the Library
Libraries are such a good resource for free activities, from story time to just browsing the stacks, suggest a daddy-kiddo outing to the library because a study by Harvard found that kids benefit from reading even more when a male is doing the reading.
Hearing dad read is extra beneficial for these little ones
3. Make a Fort
Someone just happened to have these boxes at his disposal, but you can also use blankets, bed sheets, chairs, and pillows. Chances are a fort of any sort will bring out the kid in any dad - and the toddler will love it too!
Ft. Dad

4. Visit Dad's Work
My child understands that "daddy go work" every day, and he certainly understands when daddy comes home! Continue the learning by taking toddlers to see where it is that daddy spends those hours when he is away.
Hello, this dad's office!
5. Do Your Stretches
Is dad a runner or maybe heads to the gym sometimes? Watching dad bend and flex in interesting ways will inspire your little ones to discover what they can do with their bodies, as well.
Extreme yoga
BONUS TIP: This one requires just a little planning but is still free and easy. Lowe's Hardware offers a program called Build & Grow. It is geared toward 5+, but they usually don't mind if you sign your toddler up. The activity is self-directed and can go as quick or slow as you'd like. Practice hammer skills and come home with something fun - we've done a monster truck and a bird feeder! Home Depot also has a similar program. 
Build & Grow at Lowes

What does your kid enjoy doing with dad? Tell me in the comments! Have fun! 

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