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This summer, I am making a vow to wear sensible footwear. I usually go for sandals- thong sandals, in fact. I am pretty active with my five-year-old. We love to be outdoors, and I never know when he's going to want to engage in an impromptu game of soccer in our yard. Sandals don't cut it for outdoor sports, walks with the family, or gardening- one of my favorite hobbies. I have hurt my feet more times than I can count during the summer months because I refuse to wear tennis shoes/sneakers. Thankfully, Jambu offers a stylish solution for fashionable gals who love to be on the move.


I have been looking for a great pair of 'adventure shoes' for a couple of years now. My husband is always after me for not wearing the proper footwear when we're out on an active adventure. I don't like my toes to be enclosed, and hate wearing socks... so wearing sneakers is hard for me! Luckily, I found a fabulous alternative to clunky sneaks from Jambu!

About Jambu

We’ve come a long way from the rainforest that originally inspired Jambu. Through wind, water, every terrain, every moment. Turning comfort into joy, everyday experiences into adventures. Still, Jambu is a brand that knows where it is going by never forgetting where it began.

In Jambu, every element collaborates. All-Terra Traction supports Memory Foam comfort. Trail and water ready technology combines with cool innovations. Everything. Simple to wear. Secure on your feet. Yet barely there.

In Jambu, you could be anywhere. Because, in Jambu, you can go everywhere.

Meet The Charley Mary Jane Sandal by Jambu!

I was thrilled for the opportunity to work with Jambu, knowing that this would be my very first experience with an all-terrain adventure shoe/sandal. I have poured over lots of different brands, and none of them made the cut until I met Jambu! I fell in love with the look of the Charley Mary Jane Sandal and knew that they would be worth trying out. Since our family travels a lot, and I never know where we might wind up from day to day, these sandals looked to be just what I had been missing in my life!

The Charley has so many amazing features- it's no wonder customers rave about them!

I love the design of The Charley. It's an adventure sandal, but it's still feminine. It's not bulky, clunky, and won't make you feel like you're weighted down. These sandals offer an open/airy feel to them, which is perfect for anyone like me who hates for their feet to be too confined.

The Charley offers plenty of protection!

The Charley is not only beautiful, it's functional and practical. The strap around the ankle is adjustable, which is fantastic. I just had a baby five weeks ago, so I expect to be losing some weight over the next few weeks and months. I can fully adjust the ankle strap to where I need it to be comfortable. If you're the kind of gal who likes to wear a little sock with a shoe like this, there's plenty of room.

The Charley features Jambu's All Terra Design

One of the reasons that I love the Charley sandals is for the All Terra Design. This is pretty much an all-terrain shoe/sandal. It features Non-marking and partially recycled compressed rubber outsole for
superior traction and durability. That means that I can wear these out in the yard, on a hiking trail (which I plan to do in the mountains in a couple of weeks), when we're out on a day trip with the kids, or just as an everyday casual shoe! They're perfect for all of the summer activities we have planned. I know that they will keep my feet cool and comfortable and that I'll feel safe in them, no matter where I wear them.

The heel keeps your foot protected.

One of the downfalls to a lot of sandals is that there's no heel protection. I am constantly being poked and scratched by sticks and other items of nature when we're outside. When wearing the Charley sandals, my feet are protected, and I don't have to worry so much about those unexpected little hurts. I will say that the heel covering is hard, so you're going to want to break these in. I have been wearing them around the house, so the heel won't rub blisters when we're out for an extended period of time.

They look great!

I couldn't wait to wear the Charley sandals and show them off. A friend of mine is a Special Education teacher and said that she'd love to have a pair because they would be perfect for keeping her comfortable while working with her students every day. I wore these to a family picnic for Mother's Day, and all of the women in my family were pouring over these! They were all asking where they could get a pair! I was happy to tell them all about Jambu, and how comfortable these sandals are.

I know I mentioned that I have a five-year-old and a newborn. They can be a lot to keep up with! They love to be outside, and I love to take them outside- so they can have some fresh air, expel some energy, and so I can have a break! I start my day by putting these sandals on and don't take them off until it's close to bedtime. They're so comfy that I want to wear them all day!

Another thing I love- they don't chip my nail polish!

There are tons of reasons as to why I would buy these sandals over and over again. I'd love to have another color or two, or explore some of the other Jambu styles. I can't wait to wear these on our mountain getaway and all of our summer trips!


Features of the Charley

Designed with both comfort and style in mind, the Charley is a classic fisherman Mary Jane sandal that will keep you looking as great as you feel.

Nubuck upper
Partially recycled rubber outsole
Memory foam footbed; antibacterial insole
Leather lined
Velcro closure
7.8 oz. (based on size 6)
This style runs small. If you are between sizes we recommend you buy the larger size

Jambu Sale Shoes

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Special thanks to Jambu for allowing me to share about their wonderful footwear.

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  1. so crazy to see this review bc Id never heard of these shoes until last week a friend had a pair on. she said they are very comfy.


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