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Tips And Tricks To Get Your Kids To Do Everyday Tasks

Kids can be awkward when it comes to trying to get them to do things they don’t want. They need a lot of persuading to finish chores and certain everyday tasks. And when they really don’t want to do something it could end in a tantrum and lots of tears! But there are loads of tips and tricks you can use to coax your kids. Read on to find out how you can get small tasks done!


Sometimes, getting kids to eat all their meal can be a bit of a struggle. If you make mealtimes fun, they could be more inclined to eat. Use the airplane trick with toddlers and babies. For this, you just need to pretend each spoonful of food is an airplane, and their mouth is the airport! Zoom the plane around in the air for a bit until it lands in their mouth. They’ll love the game and will want the food to land each time! When it comes to older kids, tell them that you expect them to eat a small portion of each food. Over time expand the size of the portion they should eat.

Brushing Teeth

Kids aren’t always too keen when it comes to brushing their teeth, either. Again, if you have very young children, turn the whole task into a game. You can tell them that they need to clean their teeth to help superhero toothbrushman! One other idea is to brush your teeth in front of your kids; then they will want to copy you. As the saying goes, monkey see monkey do!


Bedtime is one of those times of the day that can either go exceedingly well or things could turn nightmarish! The best way to get your kids to go to bed without any problems is to tire them out throughout the day. You should also give your child a choice. Ask them if they want to go to bed right now or in five minutes. If they pick in five minutes’ time, then take them up to bed once the time is up. A sleep-friendly environment is also a good way to help your kids drop off. So turn the TV off an hour before bed and start to dim the lights.

Tidying Up

This is probably the most common complaints of parents – their child won’t tidy up after themselves! Make sure you give your child plenty of advance warning that you expect them to clean up. Then they will know what to expect if they don’t. Reverse psychology is useful as well. Say that you’ve heard about pixies who clean up after small children. Then leave the room. When you come back, your child might have put a few toys away, to which you can exclaim, “Oh, the pixies have visited!”

If you use these tips and tricks then, over time, your kids will start to do all these tasks without any tears and tantrums! Making both of your lives much less stressful and angry!

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