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She is here! The newest member of the family and MBP team arrived Monday, April 4th at 12:59 pm. Baby S (Sabine) weighed in at 6 pounds, 15 oz, and was 19 inches long. Baby S was born via C-section, and is doing well, along with momma. We left the hospital around 10 am on Wednesday morning, and headed home, where we have been snuggling 24/7 ever since.

B, meeting his little sister for the first time.

We were able to be together in recovery after delivery, which was such a pleasant experience compared to when B was born five years ago, and I spent almost two hours in recovery alone, before I got to really see him or hold him. Hubby was also with us in recovery, and held S while the spinal began to wear off from surgery. As much as I wanted to hold her, and be with her, I couldn't wait until our son B got to come and meet her. Aside from seeing her for the first time, it was the moment I had most been looking forward to. I have wanted B to have a sibling all along, and he had been so sweet during my pregnancy with S- I knew he couldn't wait to meet her, and hold her himself.

Heading home- just 48 hours after checking in on Monday for the c-section.

Since we've been home, we've been adjusting to a new life. Trying to balance my attention between our new baby and big brother has been harder than I thought it would be- along with recovering from the surgery and dealing with sleep deprivation. It's all so different than it was the first time we did this, over five years ago. As a mom, I am more relaxed, but I am also super aware that I need to build in some one on one time with my firstborn, which has not been easy. I know that eventually, we'll get into a rhythm that works for us.

Brother and sisterly love.

For now, more than anything, I feel extremely blessed to call these two little love bugs mine.

What are some of the special new baby moments you've experienced?

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