The 3 Reasons Why You Seriously Have To Visit Tuscaloosa

The charming city of Tuscaloosa is nestled in the Southern State of Alabama. The Black Warrior River sprawls alongside. It is home to a thriving community of local and international business, students, tourists and residents. If you’ve never visited, it’s high time that you did. Read on to discover the three reasons you have to head to Tuscaloosa.

The Entertainment

Tuscaloosa has one of the most famous college football scenes in the nation and boasts an impressive stadium for its size. With a capacity of over 100,000, prepare to be amazed when you step inside the breathtaking Bryant-Denny Stadium. Some of the most exciting football games in Alabama’s history have been played here, and the atmosphere still lingers. The bright lights, heady smells, and roaring crowds make every trip a night to remember. When the University of Alabama’s Crimson Tide football team are playing, it’s an event not to be missed. Grab a cold beer and nachos and get ready to go wild in the stands!

If sport isn’t your thing then why not check out Tuscaloosa’s wonderful music scene? From intimate indoor venues to sprawling outdoor stadiums, a wide variety of bands and artists play here. Many bars have live music ranging from jazz to rock. A thriving student scene means that the atmosphere is always lively and welcoming.

The Food And Drink

An authentic taste of Tuscaloosa is something every visitor should strive for. The banks of the Black Warrior River still hosts the popular Tuscaloosa Farmers’ Market on Saturdays. Delicious fresh fruit, artisan cheeses, organic goods and more are all available and the atmosphere is not to be missed. There is perhaps no greater way to get a sense of town pride and interaction than to tag along to a friendly outdoor fixture such as this. The bars and restaurants of Tuscaloosa are famous for their eclectic mix of American soul food. Creole, African, and Mexican influences all feature here. Barbecue pits, slow cooked ribs and finger-licking spices are all in abundance. Don’t forget to try one of the many cocktails said to have originated in the city. The Alabama Slammer is always tasty and refreshing. The notorious Yellowhammer cocktail is strong and tropical too!

The History

Tuscaloosa has a strong and fascinating history. The Civil Rights Movement was hugely significant here and can be explored at one of the many museums and galleries. The Children’s Hands-On Museum is perhaps particularly original. Exhibits and fixtures are all touchable and ready to be played with for a truly memorable learning experience. The Jemison-Van de Graaf Mansion also offers a stunning glimpse into the past. Now lovingly restored to its authentic 1860s appearance, it is now a must-see for visitors and is even a popular wedding venue. The Old Tavern Museum also provides an insight into the characterful 1800s. Admission to the museum is free and offers the chance to see how things were done in those days. You won’t want to miss your chance to visit the historic site where soldiers stayed during the Civil War as they passed through on their way to battle.

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