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Motivational Monday: Look Where You're Going, Not Where You've Been!

Another great Facebook find regarding not worrying about things from the past/things that you cannot change,

I was raised by a single mom with 4 daughters!  There were a few times my mom had no car, but thankfully everything we needed was in walking distance. I remember walking almost everywhere when I was young and I remember one time in particular I wasn't paying too much attention and I must have tripped a bit. My mother, after making sure I was okay of course, made up a little song about how important it was to "look where you're going, not where you've been". 

I have remembered that phrase, perhaps because she sang it, throughout my life. I've never thought about  it's "double meaning" until today. 



  1. This is really good advice...& like most good advice, it's so hard to follow, lol!


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