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It's a welcome change for our family to have a baby born in the spring, rather than the fall. When B was born in October, it was still warm, but a cold snap followed, and brought along a cold winter, as well. It was still chilly (and still is even now) when Baby S was born two weeks ago. The cold air returned, and we wanted to make sure we had what we needed to keep her snug and warm after coming home from the hospital and for her very first outings before summertime.

Shirley Pepys, founder of Noel Joanna Inc. (NoJo) and her son Noel Pepys have teamed up with Dr. William Sears, best known as “America’s Pediatrician,” to create fashionable and functional products to make life simpler for parents and better for babies. Balboa Baby® designs contemporary, unique products using luxurious fabrics and distinctive prints. We will continue to find innovative ways to make parents’ lives easier, their babies happier and to give them both opportunities to bond and experience life together. Cuddle your baby.

I was excited to be able to connect with the wonderful folks at Balboa Baby, and to take a look at their fabulous baby product lineup. Balboa Baby offers so many wonderful baby products that you might not think about adding to your baby registry or checklist.

We were sent a Balboa Baby Carseat Canopy, as well as a Balboa Baby Blanket.

The Balboa Baby Carseat Canopy is a fabulous product- not to mention, it's so pretty!

We didn't have a car seat canopy when B was a baby, and looking back, I wish we would have! It was very chilly when we left the hospital with Baby S, and then we spent the next several days taking her to the doctor to have her Bilirubin levels monitored, due to a bit of Jaundice she was experiencing. The Balboa Baby Carseat Canopy is a lightweight cover that fits directly over the car seat, or it can be used as a blanket.

The canopy attaches to the carseat at the carry handle- simply Velcro it closed, and you're good to go.

The canopy gently protects baby from the elements.

I love this pretty canopy. It has a very fun and feminine design, it's lightweight, and doesn't hit baby's face when in use. We found that it was very useful when we needed to shield S from a very strong wind. The canopy covers the front and back of the car seat, but it's breathable and safe for use with babies of all ages. It also keeps baby shielded from the sun- perfect for those brutal summer days when the sun seems extra intense.

The Balboa Baby Carseat Canopy offers full coverage and protecon for baby.

When the canopy gets dirty, just toss it into the wash. It can go into the dryer, though I prefer to let mine air-dry. This pretty canopy makes a wonderful baby shower gift. This isn't something that I registered for, but I certainly see the benefits of registering for one. If you're heading to a baby shower this spring/summer, I would highly recommend gifting one of these! This particular pattern (Pink Camelia) is currently sold out, but there are several other styles available for the same price.

Features & Benefits
Reversible design in two unique prints
Velcro tab closures for a universal fit
Can also be used as a colorful playmat or blanket
Machine washable & dryable
Easy to reverse
Keeps the sun out & protects from the elements
Additional prints available on-line
Car Seat Canopy measures 42” x 31”
Fabric: 65% Polyester & 35 % Cotton

We also received the Simply Soft Blanket in Gray Dahlia.

We received a ton of baby blankets as gifts for S- from receiving blankets to fuzzy blankets and swaddlers. I have to say that this is one of my favorite baby blankets, though. It's so soft and cuddly, and those it's not a large blanket, it's the perfect size for an infant or toddler. We have found that it works well with our car seat, and S loves to be snuggled in it. We always monitor her when using this blanket, as it's thicker and warmer than her little receiving blankets. We don't want her to overheat, so we keep a close eye on her with this blanket.

The Simply Soft Blanket is so lush and soft that I have actually curled up with it for a nap. No, it doesn't cover me... it just sort of tuck it under my arm and snuggle with it. That way, my scent transfers to the blanket, and it's soothing for S.

The border around the blanket is reversible- gray and white on one side, and then the gray and blue dahlia print is on the other side. Like the car seat canopy, this blanket can be tossed into the wash and can be dried as needed.

Baby S absolutely loves to be snuggled up in the Simply Soft Blanket from Balboa Baby.

S seems so happy and content in her swing with the Simply Soft Blanket, draped over her little legs to keep her warm. I know she feels a sense of security with this blanket, and it's bound to become a favorite- of hers and mine.

The Simply Soft Blankets by Balboa Baby make great gifts, as well- for babies or toddlers. They offer stylish patterns/designs and will wow the recipient with their classy look and feel.

Features & Benefits
Simply Soft - 30" x 40" Ultra Plush
Gauze - Two 44" Blankets - Super Soft
Security Blanket - Babies Favorite - Measures 16"
Machine washable

Other fabulous products from Balboa Baby to consider...

Gauze blankets

Security blankets

Shopping cart covers

Nursing covers

Adjustable slings

Baby Bedding

If you're looking for great gifts, or would like to start building a beautiful collection of pieces for your baby, be sure to check out Balboa Baby!

Want them? Get them!

Head on over to Balboa Baby to shop all of their gorgeous baby products- from baby slings to blankets and car seat canopies and more! Balboa Baby is endorsed by Dr. Sears and their products have received many accolades and awards. Connect with Balboa Baby on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and YouTube!

Special thanks to the team at Balboa Baby for allowing me to experience and share about their wonderful baby products!

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