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Your Simple Guide To Moving Day

I love moving house. Yes, it’s stressful and exhausting, but, it’s the start of a new chapter, and it’s always exciting. Over the years, I’ve picked up a few tried-and-tested techniques to make sure moving day goes without a hitch. If you’re looking for a smooth process, I suggest you follow my advice! 

Without a clear plan and good organization, things can go very wrong, very quickly. Your favourite items could go missing, and the movers could end up at the wrong house. Follow this simple guide, and make moving day simple and effortless. 

Carry lots of food and drink

Moving house is thirsty work, so make sure you stay hydrated. It will keep your energy up, and give you a little boost during the day. Water is essential, so carry a few bottles with you during the day. Remember, you’ll probably turn your fridge off when you leave, and who knows when you’ll get chance to use an oven. With that in mind, take some snacks and lunch with you on the road. You can always take plenty of breaks to stock up your energy. It might seem like a small thing, but you’ll thank yourself when things get tough!

Keep the kids busy

Moving house is tricky enough without keeping track of the little ones! Often, children will find the whole process exciting, and their mood will be hyperactive. Try to keep them calm by giving them simple jobs to do. Let them be a part of the process, and let them help along the way. Of course, always check to make sure the jobs are safe first. Perhaps they can be in charge of their favourite toys or make sure everyone has got some food. 

Coordinate with the removal crew

When you hire a moving company, it’s important to coordinate with them at every step. Make sure they have clear directions to the new property, and don’t forget to give them a key! Label each one of your boxes, and give them a colour code to mark which room they’ll go to. You can then give the movers a simple colour drawing of the new house, so they know which room to go to. It’s a simple trick that cuts out a lot of the hard work. Don’t forget to share your food with them, and keep them on your good side!

The final check!

Before you close the door and leave your old house, do a final, thorough check. Make sure you’re the last one to leave, and don’t leave anything behind! It’s the little things like passports, birth certificates, and keys that are often left. Last of all, turn off the gas, electricity, and the water. Switch off any remaining appliances, and lock the doors and windows.

Plan for the evening

Once the hard work is done, you’ll want to settle down with a glass of wine and take-out food! Make sure you’ve got bedding and towels handy for showering and sleeping. After all your hard work, you deserve the rest!

Moving day doesn’t have to be stressful. Follow this advice, and you’ll do fine!

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