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Do you have a little brick lover in your life? B is five years old, and he absolutely loves all things brick and block related. His LEGO wish list is a mile long, and when he has his own money to burn, I'll bet you can guess what he's quick to spend it on. I love these little bricks, because they keep my creative five-year-old busy, and encourage him to use his imagination. What I don't love, however, is finding them scattered all over my house! They get lost in our living room carpet, and I usually find the tiniest of pieces by stepping on them (ouch!) or vacuuming them up.

We've been on the prowl for quite a while now for brick storage that works. When we found out about Box4Blox, we were excited to try out their ingenious brick storage solution!

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Mom of four, Moira Botherway felt the same frustrations that many moms feel about LEGO bricks. They're a beloved toy of all generations, but boy can they be a pain in the rear when it comes to sorting them and storing them. She sorted her kids' LEGOs into tackle boxes, only to find them dumped all over the place again and again. She one day mentioned to her husband that someone ought to invent a LEGO sorting system, similar to the way coins are sorted by machines. Her husband took the hint, and began cutting small squares into the bottoms of her Tupperware containers!

Thus, Box4Blox was born- a unique LEGO sorter and storage container.

We were so excited to receive our very own Box4Blox sorter! B didn't know what kind of cool item awaited in the box, but he was sure eager to find out!

Looks pretty cool!

Meet the Box4Blox container!

Box4Blox is a multi-colored, 4-tiered sorting and storage system for LEGO bricks. It's space saving and so clever! Each sorting tray has different sized square holes in the bottom (except for the bottom layer tray). The trays help to sort the bricks by size, and then keep them sorted. The trays sit on top of one another, making a box shape, with a lid that sits on the top. There isn't a handle, and the trays will come apart if you pick the 'box' up in the middle, instead of from the bottom of the very bottom tray.

Before, we were using canvas bins to store B's LEGO pieces... they were all jumbled up, and he was always frustrated not being able to find the pieces he wanted.

With four sorting trays stacked on top of one another, Box4Blox sorts the LEGO pieces by size.

The very smallest pieces fall to the bottom trays- green on bottom, and red right on top of that.

The tiny pieces all fell through the open squares (holes) from the upper trays. Now, I have to say, it took a bit of work on my part. I  had to run my hand over the pieces several times to coerce the small pieces to go through the open squares... they didn't just fall through on their own, as I expected them to. Many of the larger pieces blocked the way for the smallest pieces to fall through.

The largest pieces were then placed in the top tray.

Some of the large pieces were also placed into the blue tray.

Here are some of B's LEGO bricks all jumbled up on our LEGO play mat.

Having the ability to sort the LEGO pieces has been a lifesaver!

The cool thing about Box4Blox, is that B can go looking for pieces acording to size. If he needs heads for his dudes, he knows to look in the bottom tray. Other dude pieces are probably in the red tray, where many of the other small pieces wind up. B can locate his larger pieces in the other trays, and then build away! We keep the larger LEGO set pieces in the canvas bins. B can't move the Box4Blox by himself- it's quite heavy with so many LEGO pieces in it. We don't mind moving it from place to place, but everntually, we hope to have a LEGO table that he can keep the Box4Blox on or near, so that we won't have to transport the cube from room to room.

All of our LEGO pieces are kept neat and tidy in the Box4Blox!

Of course, I wish that we'd had this a long time ago! It's the ultimate sorter and storage unit for LEGO lovers! I am so glad that this was invented, and almost wish that there were other sizes available... not that I'd want to pick one up that was much larger than this one.

B loves knowing exactly where his LEGO pieces are, and having this very cool Box4Blox storage container and sorter for them!

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Want it? Get it!

Head on over to Box4Blox to learn more about their award-winning product! Box4Blox can only be ordered online. Purchase on Amazon. Connect with Box4Blox on Facebook. Box4Blox hosts a monthly giveaway on their website- be sure to check it out and enter for your chance to win!

Special thanks to Box4Blox for allowing me to try out and share about their awesome LEGO sorter!

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