North Myrtle Beach fun... #trips

We are lucky to have a beach house in North Myrtle Beach and spend a lot of time there throughout the year.  We were down this past weekend for the big St. Patrick's Parade and Festival and I thought I'd share some of our fun with you.  I know a lot of people vacation in this area so hopefully you will check out some of the great events that North Myrtle Beach offers.  They are usually free and family friendly.  The North Myrtle Beach Parks and Recs has many events throughout the year.  We went to a couple of Movies in the Park last summer and they were great.  We have these at home also, but they are so packed sometimes it's hard to find a spot on the lawn.  The ones we went to at the beach had less than 20 people at them.  I feel like there is just so much to do at the beach and people just don't know about these opportunities.  During the summer, there are free concerts every Thursday evening and it's a fun, free night out.  We are very excited about the Easter Egg Hunt coming up soon.  Check out their webpage and Facebook page to see if there is anything fun going on that your family would enjoy.    

The beginng of the parade. 
There is so much candy thrown in this parade. 

Parades at the beach include lots of golf carts. 

One of my favorite floats.

We are planning to check out a Pelican's ballgame this summer. 

Another favorite.

Aiden's favorite every year. 


Clemson tractor.

Cute Minion float.

Big balloon!

Horses from Medevil Times. 

Beads and candy for days to come!!

The food area of the street festival after the parade. 

Have fun!!

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