Lions, Tigers, BEARS, Elephants, Monkeys & More! Bears for Humanity #Review

Teddy Bears have been known for soothing any situation with just a hug from their adorable outreached arms. Bears For Humanity, the only GOTS Certified Organic toys and gifts company manufactures and sells safe, organic and environmentally sustainable toys and gifts for children of all ages in California, USA!  Bears For Humanity is expanding their feel-good do-good collection of organic plush teddy bears with an animal collection of lions, tigers, elephants, monkeys, and so much more! As their website states, changing the world just got easier (and cuter!). When you buy from Bears For Humanity, the company donates equal quantity and quality plush toys to children in need through their buy one, give one program in the USA.  

The humanity part of these plush pals starts online when it’s time to make a purchase. After you choose a bear and a mailing address, buyers have the lovely task of choosing a charity – Toys For Tots, Save The Children, Semper Fi Fund,, Lucile Packard Foundation– because your purchase instantly doubles as a gift for a child in need! 

New! Animal Friends Collection • Ages 0+ • $19.99

Brand new for 2016 are 14 sweet personalities – made in the USA, welfare-to-work employment and certified organic. Wow! These soft plush buddies continue Bears For Humanity’s pledge for health, safety and sustainability for future generations. Look around their website and choose, if you can, one Friend to change the world.  When an Animal Friend is purchased, Bears for Humanity will donate an organic 7”Baby Bear to a child in need to one of its five partner organizations.

I was very excited when I read the email about this company and their adorable animals!!!

When I first logged onto Bears for Humanity, The large teddy bears immediately caught my eye. You do not see large bears like this in stores.

This is Sammie... Is he not adorable?!?

I was in love with the pictures of the "old fashion" looking bears, and  I was very excited to see the new little guys they added to their collection. 

These were some of the little guys that I got a sneak peek at. The turtle, tiger, puppy, eagle, and dino. SO CUTE, right?!? And not only cute, 100% Organic, USA made, and an AWESOME cause!! 

My son recently had surgery at the a Children's Hospital near by us. My 5 year old son and 6 year old daughter picked out these two animals to take to Chicago to donate when my son goes for his check up. 

Each animal came in it's own plastic bag. I carefully took them out for some pictures, and sealed them back up to donate to 2 kiddos who are at the hospital. Since they are going to be donated to sick kiddos, I did NOT let my own little germ monsters touch them!!!

This is the Elephant! Isn't he sweet? He is super soft and snuggly.

They also picked out the Monkey. Look at that face!!!!! Isn't he adorable?!

We all LOVE his curly little tail!!!

And that face.... We just think he is ADORABLE!

         SAFE and ORGANIC

               We have a commitment to Health, Safety    and  Sustainability for future generations. Our products are made of 100% GOTS Certified Organic Cotton. We made sure that our entire supply chain meets the highest level of fair employment and organic standards. Our plush toys are unique in the market today - safe for children and safe for the environment.


When you purchase from Bears For HumanityTM we donate a teddy bear to a child in need. We have partnered with reputable charities nationwide to help put bears in the hands of those who need them most. Each year thousands of children in foster care and children with illnesses will find love and comfort because of your help.


We build our Teddy Bears and Animal Friends in Union City, California, where we train and employ individuals through California's welfare-to-work program, CalWORKS. We believe in building a strong community by creating quality jobs for Americans. Go USA!

The 14 new friends will hit Bears for Humanity in Early April. I really hope you check them out!!! The friends will include a cat, eagle, tiger, dino, flag eagle, elephant, lion, dog, monkey, panda, shark, turtle, giraffe, and penguin. You can bring one home for your special little person, and another special little person will receive one through the partnerships that Bears for Humanity has with 5 great charities! Image the smile on your kiddos face as well as the face of a child in need!

WANT IT?!?!? BUY IT!!!

Bears for Humanity are available 
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